Thank God It’s The End Of The Traditional Work Week

(Yes I realize that’s really long and lots of unnecessary wordage but I really tire of old sayings like “T.G.I.F.”.  I was going to put Thank God It’s The End Of The Week, but it’s only Friday and we have still one more day to get to the actual end of the week.  Then I was going to put Thank God It’s The End Of The Work Week, but some people will still work tomorrow, like my husband, so that wouldn’t make sense.  I know, I know, WAY TOO MUCH THOUGHT went into this.)

I’ve been drowning in paperwork here at The Job.  It’s not much better at home where I’m drowning in laundry.  You know, this whole full time employment has it’s benefits, like providing money for the Black Hole that is our debt, but lately I’m beginning to feel like all my efforts are futile. 

At home, I cook dinner and feed the family.  Then I clean up.  The kitchen will be a mess again in less than 12 hours and the children will be hungry again exactly 30 minutes following the meal I’ve just prepared.  Also, one of the girls will spill a drink on my newly washed floor, it’s inevitable.  I do laundry, mounds and mounds of it, wash clothes and towels, fold clothes and towels, only to have nine new piles of laundry to wash and dry the next day.  I clean the bathroom, only to have it a science experiment by the end of the week.  I’ll vacuum, only to have the girls bring in a project they’ve made at summer camp that involves sand (because the workers at summer camp hate parents) and said project will make it’s way into the very fibers of the carpet and thus create an oh, so pleasurable grit that will never ever ever vacuum up. 

At work, I perform my menial secretarial duties with nary a “good job, menial secretary!”.  Instead, only my mistakes are brought to the public eye.  People call to tell me I misspelled a word, or forgot a period.  In the legal world that’s a BIG DEAL, and so then I must amend all those documents, killing more trees and exerting more human effort.  Sigh.

I really can’t complain.  First of all, I’m grateful to even have a job.  How many years did I try to find a job only to be stuck babysitting or working in a church nursery, my own version of hell.  (Yes I just wrote that and I have children, that doesn’t make me evil, I’m just being brutally honest.  Some folks live and breathe to hang out with kids, I am not one of those folks.  Let’s stop talking inside of paranthesis, shall we?)  I have a college degree, but rarely do I use that degree for an actual JOB, one that pays money.  Sure, money isn’t everything and it’s as fleeting as a shadow.  But it takes money to do simple functions like put gas in the car so I can zoom off to important places like Walmart, my favorite place of investment.  Secondly, I signed up for this.  I knew the risk.  I knew how difficult it would be to do, basically, two full time jobs.  Because, being a parent is as full time as you can get.  Can I get a woop, woop, moms?

What I’m battling is finding contentment where I’m at.  To stop saying ‘it’ll be better when so and so happens, when we pay off our debt, when I lose a million pounds, when the kids are older, when we move out of this postage-stamp sized apartment…’.  There’s such a temptation to just SURVIVE and not really LIVE.  And frankly, I’m tired of this kind of thinking.  It’s exhausting.  It’s frustrating.  It’s not good.

SO NO MORE!!   (I’m down with the bolding today!)

One new venture I’m excited about is selling some crafts and things that I’ve made.  My new current exciting craft is making hooded towels that are usable for older kids.  When you have babies, you get a plethora of hooded towels that work for a year, tops, due to the fact that they’re awkardly shaped and your kids grow really fast that first year.  My two girls received some hooded towels from a friend of mine that are just regular towels with a washcloth sewn on as the hooded portion.  They are still using them today.  So that’s one of my new projects.  I’m going to make a whole slew of hooded towels bedecked with buttons, ribbon, patches or anything else I think that would look great on a towel and still wash well.  I’m also going to work on sewing purses and knitting scarves for some craft fairs that are coming up.  I’m excited, because not only does it keep my hands busy and my days grounded in something that could potentially be profittable but it’s also a creative release that weird folks like me crave like crackheads crave crack. 

AND our office is going to start recycling.  We’re just going to work on cans for now, but I’ll tell you, when you think of the hidden resource that is aluminum, you’ll be grabbing all the tin cans you can find and hauling them to your nearest recycling plant.  I know a family that takes their vacations using monies they received from recycling aluminum cans.  In fact, according to a website for our local recycling plant, some people are “mining” landfills for aluminum. 

* Strange aside:  I can get sort of panicky thinking about our world’s trash problems.  I know this is bizarre, but, hello-have you met me?  I am bizarre.  Anyways, there have been nights where I’ve laid awake thinking of all those landfills just brimming over, spilling into our waterways, polluting the environment.  I even came up with a fantastic plan but so far no one agrees it’s fantastic.  My plan is, let’s stop giving criminals a free ride with three square meals, college educations and time to work out and read.  Let’s put them to work in our landfills, sorting trash finding resuable materials.  Give them safety suits, protective gloves, but let’s put them to work!  Well, I don’t care what anyone says, I think it’s a great plan.  And before you start the glazing of the eyes at words like “recycle” and immediately begin to label me as a “tree hugger” or “liberal”, just realize that this is an issue of importance.  Not that I’ve actually begun to recycle at home, but I’m thinking about it, so it counts!

Anyways, Lance thinks he should set me up a website to sell some of my homemade crap crafts and try to do a mail order business.  What do you think?


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  1. Posted by candy0108 on July 25, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Okay so I finally just got a talkin to from my Kearsie I love it when you just spill it all out… girl I really do feel your pain just relize you are on a journey and you are not staying where you are at forever just part of the journey something new and exciting it just around the corner.. Guess what I have learned to knit aren’t you proud of me… 🙂 I want to see some of your stuff if you don’t put it up to sell at least post some pics.


  2. I think you should try and sell your stuff. There’s a web site called etsy that’s made for mommys to sell their stuff (I think!). You should check it out.

    I also think you share the common effects of the curse of sin- we’ll always be trying to subdue the earth, including laundry, dishes, and piles of paperwork. That may sound a bit too theological, but the never ending gruel of work is part of the curse- all that thorns growing in the crops and childbirth stuff. Not work itself, just the difficulty involved with the never-ending-ness to it. I hear you about the laundry, countertops, floors, sheets (Caroline always has a diaper malfunction on just-changed sheets!), and how about correcting your kids, teaching them manner and not to fight, and then there’s the pulling yourself out of bed every day to start it all over again.

    But we have hope in Christ, our burden-bearer and chief sympathizer. We have hope that the final effects of sin will not be felt by those who belong to Him and one day we will enter into eternal rest. Until then, hang in there and remind yourself of the truth a LOT.

    Thanks for the honest post- Scott and I lived with my mom for a long time (the longest of anywhere in our marriage so far), and I did the whole, “if only, then I’d…” or “when this happens, then I’ll…” so much. How bout all this punctuation in your comment section?? I thought you’d like that.

    One more thing- sometimes, when we have gone through a really tough time (and you have), it’s ok just to survive. Really. Now I’m done.


  3. Posted by soundsliketomatoes on July 25, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    Canders, LOVIN the fact that you knit. Now we can talk shop and discuss different yarns and what other addicted-to-knitting folks call “yarn porn” and needle sizes and angst over hard stitches and whether or not swatches are important. Phew! Yay for knitting!


  4. Posted by soundsliketomatoes on July 25, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    Tami, so appreciate your comments. I feel sort of like I’m sitting in your dorm room on your bed complaining about life and getting a good dose of godly wisdom with some “suck it up”. I do try to frequently chant “do not be weary in well doing, do not be weary in well doing, do not be weary in well doing” hoping that I shall soon see what I reap if I don’t give up. I used to have that posted on my walls, maybe I should try that again. Thank you!


  5. Posted by fivemoreminutesplease on July 25, 2008 at 10:57 pm

    Not that I am clear on all of the “Godly” side of the coin, but as far as living in the “here and now” instead of the “if and when”, I can not accomplish this feat to save my life!! We just moved into a two bedroom apartment in Birmingham, AL, where our kids have to share a room. Our apartment is tiny, and I feel the walls closeing in more and more every day. It is especially true when Mike is working twelve hour days, 5 to 6 days a week. This following the most trying portion of our whole marriage…and me having to feel like a single mom. I want things that I can’t have because of money, I want feelings that I don’t feel, and I want our life to be “picture perfect”..whatever that is. So, how DO we “suck it up” and focus on right now and not focus on the “if and when”? Because I am missing out on time that I will never get back…or that is how I feel, anyway…


  6. Posted by Tiffany Davis on July 26, 2008 at 12:06 am

    WHEW! Your schedule sounds exhausting! How on earth do you do it ?????Gosh …. it seems nearly impossible to be content and live in the “here and now,” instead of the “if and when” …………. a constant struggle for us all! Thankfully we can cling to the truth and our hope in Jesus Christ amidst the struggles and frustrations in life, no matter how many times we need to reevaluate and refocus! You should definitely sell your crafts and such … do you still make quilts ?? You have great ideas … go for it! Be encouraged because this season will fly by, whether you want it to or not …. And yay for recycling … that is some where on my need to/ want to do list !! 🙂


  7. Posted by tr3n1ty on July 26, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Two things 🙂

    One day when I was working retail, which is a soul-sucking job if there ever was one, I said to a lady that I was checking out, “Only 2 more hours and I’m outta here!”

    She looked at me quizzically and said, “Oh, I’d hate to live like that; wishing my life away.. I want to enjoy every hour I’ve got!”

    Got me to thinking, it did. It was a very wise comment.

    Second thing, etsy.com is a great place for your towels! I don’t know if you’ve already thought of it, but it would be really cute if you did things like cat or frog or dog or lion faces, etc on the hoods. Because there are still plenty of moms with more than one child (like you!) and kids love to “own” items, and it’s so more cool to have a froggie towel. Otherwise kids can scream at their siblings, “The blue towel is mine!” or “Mom!!!!!! Annie took my white towel!!!!”

    heh. I don’t know where I was going with that. Anyway, _I_ think it’s a good idea 😉


  8. Posted by Misty on July 27, 2008 at 5:01 am

    I’ll just say “You go girl!”


  9. Posted by Mom on August 1, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    How do you keep your Kitchen clean for 12 hours?
    And when the girls bring in sand, THOW SOME GLITTER ON IT! The floor will still be gritty but it will be pretty….(pretty gritty, hahahaha). And I DO RECYCLE! I take my paper plate back to the kitchen for refills EVERY day. And I also fight waste at work…if somebody brings in snacks to share I make sure NONE


  10. Posted by Mom on August 1, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Whoops, I make sure NONE of them are left to go stale and be thrown out. I know it’s a large job (boy, am I cut out for it!) but is’s up to me to do my part in the interest of going green (hey, does that include food colors?) I like the landfil clean up by criminals idea…you should submit that idea to Judge Judy!


  11. Posted by soundsliketomatoes on August 1, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    Wow, Trinette, you are *so* right about that wishing thing. SO RIGHT. Now my mind is whirling. I have looked into etsy and I’m going to do my very best to get these towels made and sold. (Ooh, btw, I’m working on a striped scarf, very soft and I was going to sell it but now I want it, maybe as an example of what I can do? )


  12. Posted by soundsliketomatoes on August 1, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    Mom, you’re so funny. And thanks *SO* much for the glitter you sent to the girls! We’ve had so much fun glittering (read-I’ve hovered over the girls, recapping the glitter bottles the second they’re done or else we shall have a home I call “Chez Glitter & Grime”).

    And yes, going green does mean food colors, like green cupcakes, green pie, green cookies, green M & Ms…


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