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Deep thoughts on a Friday, it can be done.

It’s always funny to me to come across someone’s blog and my blog name is in there.  SOUNDS LIKE TOMATOES.  It kind of sounds like an Indian name, doesn’t it?  Can’t you just picture me walking through an Indian camp, a fellow Indian calls over, “Sounds Like Tomatoes, go help skin that buffalo.” 

Maybe this is all in my mind because I just finished reading Dances With Wolves, written by Michael Blake.

I’d seen the movie but I didn’t realize that it was based on a novel.  I was intrigued.  I love period films, books, history.  So I went to the library and checked it out. 

It’s a fantastic book.  The movie and novel differ on several points.  For one, the Indians in the movie are the Sioux and in the book they are Comanche.  In the movie, the setting is in one of the Dakotas, in the book, somewhere near Texas.  But the tone is still the same.  I have to give Kevin Costner great big ups for doing a fantastic job making the movie so closely related to the novel.  The endings differ too, but I won’t spoil it.

While reading, I was intrigued with this one sentence.  Let me set it up a bit.  Lt. John J. Dunbar is beginning to befriend the Comanches and the language barrier is bridged by one of the tribe members, Stands With A Fist, who actually is a white woman raised in the village.  She is white, but she is Comanche.  Anyways, she is experiencing a tug of war in that she is recently widowed yet has an attraction to Lt. John J. Dunbar, who they call Dances With Wolves.  There is a scene where she is muddling through this problem of the attraction.

“These musings led her to the conclusion that Dances With Wolves was an honest person.  Every human being finds certain characteristics above all others to cherish, and for Stands With A Fist it was honesty.”

I got to thinking, what characteristic above all others do I cherish?  Honesty is great, sure.  So is kindness, patience, courage.  All of those are great.  But I finally nailed down the one characteristic that I cherish above all others.


It’s not often you come across a truly humble person.  We are a people of pride, of postulating, of pomp.  We puff up.  We put ourselves on parade. 

(Editor’s note: I alliterate, because I can.  It’s ok to be jealous of my talents.)

Ahem, I wonder why it’s so hard for us to show some humility? 

I’ve come up with a recipe for humility.  Ready?


1 cup of get over yourself

2 cups of stop elevating yourself

3 cups of elevating others

a dash of self deprecation


Ok, so it’s not going to be a recipe used on the Food Network.  And it’s kind of cheesy.  Ok, a whole lot cheesy.  But the principle remains. 

Humility, it’s a good thing. 

(Editor’s note:  Martha Stewart does not own the phrase “It’s a good thing”.  Or maybe she does and I shall write my next post from prison.)


Tagged like a kid at recess

One of my new blogging-buddies has tagged me with a blog award! It’s called:


If you’re like me, you’re kind of cringing at the misspelling. 

Anyways, so because I’ve been tagged, I need to share with you six things about myself and then tag six other bloggers with this groovy misspelled award who I think are creative.  Then they’ll share six things about themselves and tag people.  It’s a tag fest.  Thank you Nikki

Here goes:

1.  Today in the shower, I looked down at my toenails and reflected upon the fact that all the polish is flaking away.  It struck me that I have the opposite of a French Manicure.  I have the white trash version that I shall dub “Toe Art”.  I am too lazy to re-polish them. 

2.  Every time I realize that Christmas is only a mere 56 days away, I get a sort of sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I am woefully unprepared.  As I am crafting everyones gifts this year, this just means lots of arthritis.

3.  The movie Twilight is coming out in 22 days.  Yes, I’m counting.  Yes, that officially makes me a nerd.  No, I don’t mind if you call me a nerd for counting the days until Twilight is coming out.

4.  I love my kids, but I’m not not crazy about other people’s kids.  As a minister’s wife, I live in constant guilt for this.

5.  My mind is full of movie and culture trivia.  I’m surrounded by people who grew up in a culture void.  It’s kind of frustrating.  I yearn to be with people who can turn on the radio and know it’s Duran Duran.  Yet, I’m arrogant enough to enjoy the fact that I am a wealth of meaningless information. 

6.  I don’t like white foods/condiments.  Mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, Alfredo, milk, etc.  But I don’t mind if they are mixed up in foods.  Just so long as I don’t taste them only.

Well, there you are.  Six random facts about yours truly.

Now, I shall tag/award these fellow blogging extraordinaires:

Much More Than Mommy, because we’re cyber BFFs.

WendiWinn (She Likes Stuff), because I have become her groupie.

Circles are Forever, because she does the coolest stuff with bottle caps and I’m in awe of her creativity.

Purely Whimsical, because we go way back, like to birth.  And she’s my knitting guru.

Andy Thinks Too Much, because he

Good and Plenty, because she’s my Pick Up friend, you know- the one where you don’t talk in forever but when you do you just pick up from where you left off.

YES! I am number one!

This morning, my buddy Winn sent me some excellent news.  I am number one.  I’m not really sure what I’m number one of, but the important thing is that I am number one.  Have I told you I’m number one? 

She even took the time to make me a picture. 

I am number one.

I am number one.


It’s nice to be number one.

The Power, I am drunk with it

So last week, I issued a Bacon Brownie Challenge.  I seriously did not expect any takers.  I thought that I would have to break down and make the durn things myself.  But thanks to my good buddy, Sean, I shall not need to. 

Here is Sean’s report:

Bacon Brownie Update.

Like the Little Red Hen, I bought the mix and bought the bacon and cooked the bacon and mixed the mix and added the bacon and baked the mix and ate the brownies. (Well, a few of them.)

And now I bring the report.

Bacon brownies are…

…well, they just are.

There are some interesting facets to them. You’ve got the salty-sweet mix which is pleasant. Kinda like a chocolate covered pretzel. You’ve got a nice crunch that most people like in brownies, hence the addition of nuts to many recipes. I, however, hate having to spit out nut remnants for the hour or so after eating nutty brownies. With bacon brownies, no remnant spitting.

So, if we were to hang the whole experience on those two items, I would say that bacon brownies are good.

However, one of the downsides of bacon brownies is hickory smoke. Hickory smoke is not normal, natural or needed when it comes to chocolate. Cheese, yes. Chocolate, no. Maybe its the taste of burnt brownies. I don’t know.

All of this came to me a few initially upon eating them.

Sandi’s and my assessment was we would never make them again on purpose, but if bacon fell into our brownie mix, we wouldn’t throw it out. We’d eat them.

However, from about half and hour after eating until now (which is a good 5 hours span) there is something afoul in our guts. Its not nausea per se. Its just an unsettled feeling. It’s like our digestive tract is sending up smoke signals that read “Please never do that to us again.”

I’m the kind of guy that listens to my gut.

Now, what to do with the remainder of the brownies?

I have a 17 year old son. He’ll eat them. I’m sure.

BTW, thanks for the kind comments Alice and Wendi. I’m glad that my occasional hijacking of Kearsie’s blog is entertaining. Wendi, I couldn’t, in good conscience, send you these brownies. But if I did, I wouldn’t send them by mail, I’d use UPS. Brown, ya know.

Alas, there are no pictures.  But I feel the visual images conjured up reading this review will suffice.  Sean and Sandi, I applaud you and your stomachs.  You guys rock the house.  Hopefully, you had some Pepto Bismal on hand. 

Don’t forget to browse Sean’s art!

3/4 Sickness

I have a condition.  A malady.  It could be a disease, although I don’t want to visit a professional to find out.  I call it “3/4 Sickness”.  What is this scary sounding affliction, you ask?  It has to do with crafting.

Let me explain. 

See, I like to do crafts and such.  I like to sew.  I knit.  I scrapbook.  And when I first start a project, I am super gung ho.  I am in a hurry to get started.  I begin to ignore the demands of the household, of the children, of anything really, just so I can work on my all important project.  Let’s take a quilt, for example. 

I cut, I piece, I begin to sew.  My project takes shape.  I get the top completely done, I cut the batting to size, place it with the backing.  And then I put it up for two months because I am sick unto death of looking at it and feel like if I have to touch it one more time I will have to start drinking alcohol. 

(Editor’s note:  I realize that many of you aren’t quilters and so that previous paragraph reads like this “words words words sew words words words alcohol”.  That’s OK.)

Are any of you this way?  Do you, too, experience 3/4 sickness?  Do you get 3/4 of the way through a project and begin to hate life?  And the most important question:  is there any medication I can take?   Diet Coke and Reese’s Cups don’t seem to be working.

A glimpse into my real life

The work day has just ended.  I am walking out of the back door of my office building, next door a woman is leaving her building.  We are heading to our cars in the parking lot.

ME:  Hey!  How ya doing?

LADY:  Fine, thanks.

ME:  The ladies at my work tell me that every time they see you they think it’s me.

LADY:  Really.

ME:  I told them, she must be a fox!

LADY:  (Half heartedly chuckles, hand on the door of her car)  Well…bye.

ME:  …


True story.

For you bacon freaks out there

My husband thinks there should be a new diet that contains the magic ingredient, bacon.  I buy turkey bacon mostly, because it’s healthier.  It’s my way of negating all my calories from eating cake and peanut butter cups.  If only turkey bacon didn’t taste like eating an eraser. 

Anyways, I stumbled across this awesome recipe for Bacon Brownies

I am way too chicken to try this, so my challenge to you readers is this:

Make them, photograph them and taste them.  Then write me and tell me if it’s worth buying actual real greasy bacon and knocking the cobwebs off my baking pans.  And I’ll post your pics.  Deal?

And if this seems like I’m super lazy…well, I can’t deny that.