Search Engine Terms, better known as How Weirdos Find Me

So, occassionally I like to post some strange search terms that folks Google that takes them to this here bloggity blog.  Here’s the latest.

words that sound like tomato

Hmm…potato?  That’s all I got. 

he paid me to rub my feet

Does he look like Tom Welling?  If so, I will let him pay me to rub my feet too. 

motivator sounds like

A dirty word, that’s what it sounds like.  At least to bad word replacer at Oxygen.

full bladder sweating

Umm, they make products for that.  Like Depends.

cow aerobic

Is this like, words that don’t go together?  Ooh  I wanna try!  Hmm…ok here goes:  cat pee christmas lights.  Durn, I think I’m missing something here.

ninja glare sheet music

Oh man, if you find the sheet music to “Ninja Glare” I will sooo buy it.  Because I know this one girl who would pay through the nose for it.

birds on tree poop my car

Wow.  That poor bird.  To poop a whole car.  Wow.

tomatoes give me gas

Febreze, my friend.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by robin on December 3, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    kears, have you heard of the term “googlewhack”? i think people were atttempting to googlewhack when they were typing these word combos in.

    any luck with the cat pee christmas lights search?


  2. Man, so many visuals…a bird pooping a car…that made me snot laugh…and don’t worry, I saved the snot, as payment to whoever wants to send me that sheet music….


  3. Kearsie I’m convinced that you are a nut job. In a perfectly good way. The bird pooping on the car story still makes me laugh. If I ever forget your URL thats how I’ll find you. I’ll google birds pooping on cars!

    Oh you can change my link in the blog roll. I moved back 🙂 I didn’t like my new home very much.


  4. I’m glad Jenny is back to Giftedly Outspoken as well!

    Kearsie, this was a great post. I love reading the Feedjit tracker on my blog and seeing how people wind up there. Sometimes their searches are pretty concerning. LOL.


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