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Keyboard Confessions

1.  Yesterday, three co-workers bought some fabric yo-yo ponytail holders I made. 

2.  I was so excited.

3.  Then I couldn’t look at them in the eye.

4.  I don’t know why.  I must just pretend it didn’t happen.

5.  Today is our Receptionist’s last day.

6.  Makes me wish it was my last day.

7.  Then I could make fabric yo-yos

8.  My mother got her driver’s license for the very first time yesterday.

9.  It gives me hope that one day I’ll finally conquer risotto.

10.  Is there anything better than ’80’s music early in the morning?  I think not.

11.  “Getcho bootie on the floor toniiiiite…make my day…”  I may have to bust a move.

12.  All credibility was lost last night at my church’s small group when I drew my Edward doll out of my bag.

13.  Just with the men.  The ladies took turns holding him.  One even got a picture.  The Hubs took it and emailed it to her.  He said nary a snarky thing that I’m sure he was thinking.

14.  I feel so influential. 

15.  The Etsy shop I started a zillion months ago shall soon have items actually in the shop.

16.  I hate selling things.  It’s icky.  I have no business sense.

17.  This also gives me 6th grade flashbacks when I helped with a yard sale once and chased a woman around with a styrofoam bust with a yellowish wig on top insisting she needed the wig.

18.  Ugh. 

19.  24 Fans out there- should I rent Season One?

20.  Is it worth having another TV show addiction?  Between LOST, The Office and The Unusuals, I don’t think I have the brain cells to kill with one more show. 


Happy Friday.


Adventures with Edward: Edward meets Bella

Setting:  Carpeted wilderness with just a smidge of civilization


Edward, standing alone attempts to run his fingers through his unruly hair.

Picture 001


He can’t…quite…reach…beennnnddd elllboowwwww….

When suddenly-

He sees a strange sight-

Picture 003


It is…himself.  Edward stands, head cocked to the side, looking at this carbon copy. 

Picture 006


“Hmpf,” he says.  He turns away from the imposter and that’s when he sees her.  Bella.

“Bella”, he says, experimentally using her name.  “Bellaaaa.” It is like the blood of a gazelle on his tongue.

He comes closer to have a better look.  He realizes, this is it, this is the adventure he’s been hunting for. 

He beckons to her to come out.

Picture 002


Bella, staring straight ahead says something about “integrity of the packaging” and doesn’t move. 

“Besides,” she says.  “This Edward has something you’ll never have.”

“What’s that?” Edward asks. 


Edward takes a closer look at the other Edward. 

Picture 004



Edward, one last time looking at the pair of them realizes that they are almost holding hands. 

Picture 007


Clearly, Edward cannot compete with the other Edward for the plastic heart of Bella. 

Resolutely, Edward turns away and continues attempting to run his hands through his hair. 

Picture 005



Craft A.D.D.

When I’m not plugging away at my computer at work or propped up on the couch with a book, I am a crafter.  I am not just a plain jane boring crafter though, I am a multiple craft crafter. I work best when I have at least three projects going at the same time. 

Right now at home, I have:

1) a baby quilt for Nikki half way done

2) 30 gagilion face/body scrubbies I’m knitting for the future and

3) my new craft choice, fabric yo-yos. 


I know.  My life screams adventure. 


For now, I’m attaching the fabric yo-yos to some hairbands.  Here’s some pics, for your viewing pleasure.

Fabric yo-yo hairbands

Fabric yo-yo hairbands


And because I know you’re all begging for a closeup, I shall oblige you.

Picture 002


Ok, so my life is a bit on the boring side.  At least I make pretty things.

Keyboard Confessions

1.  I have this new deal with The Hubs.  If I work out every day for a month, he’ll buy me this, minus the skinny blond girl:


2. This is the only infomercial I’ve been suckered into drooling over.

3.  I’ve done good so far.  Except, I didn’t exercise last night.

4.  I’m really hoping today is the day The Hubs doesn’t read my blog so he won’t know this.

5.  But then, I usually have to ask “Have you read my blog today?” before he reads it.

6.  Must.resist.asking.questions.

7.  This may be the only infomercial I’ve been suckered into drooling over, but I could definitely use some of these, too:


8.  Recently, a guy on the news tested these and discovered these were indeed, ShamWow!

9.  I broke my office chair at work yesterday.

10.  It was the arm- it just broke off.  I don’t know how it happened.

11.  I felt very powerful.  

12.  I got a new office chair and put it together.

13.  Now my office has that New Office Chair Smell. 

14.  I like my new chair, but my feet don’t touch the ground so well.

15.  That, and the fact I have an Edward doll in my bag make me feel young.

16.  This weekend begins my Hunt for School Supplies for my kids.

17.  I might have to take out a small loan to afford them all.

18.  Is anyone else tripping out that there are only 154 days until Christmas?

19.  I usually am half way through by now.  Yes, I’m one of *those* people.  Shutty.

20.  So far, I’ve only bought one.  Just one.  Alas.


Happy Friday.

Adventures with Edward: Edward tries to hitch

Setting: steamy summer night in desolate area.


Edward, standing by the side of the road, decides to hitch a ride.  He wants to sparkle, to attact someone, but realizes he will have to settle for plastic shiny.

Picture 008


He’s a little frustrated that his thumb won’t stick up.  He thinks he looks like he’s trying to hail a cab instead.  However, maybe his rugged good looks and his sticky up hair will entice a car to stop. 

Lo and behold, a car pulls up.

Picture 001


It’s a…butterfly lady with two little kids in the back seat.  She stops, asks if he needs a ride and he approaches the car.

Picture 002


She looks safe.  However, she doesn’t have a ring on her left hand, so he’s wondering if she’s looking for a baby daddy for her two kids. 

But he’s looking for some adventure so he hops in.  There’s just one problem-

Picture 003


Edward can’t sit.  He doesn’t bend.  Just his elbows bend, making him look double jointed.  He tries different methods.  Standing up in the seat isn’t very safe, even for a vampire.

Picture 004


Edward tries laying down.  But he doesn’t feel very manly doing this.  Also, he’s having trouble with the seat belt and then remembers he’s a vampire and doesn’t need to fool with trivial human things like seat belts.

Picture 005


He decided to heck with safety.  He stands up in the back, ready for adventure.  Besides, as he doesn’t bend that’s his only option.  Just as Butterfly Lady is about to take off, some of her friends approach the car.

Picture 006


Edward realizes that this scene is a little out of his league.  So, ever the gentleman, he gives up his seat to the platinum blonde who looks the least deranged.

Picture 007


Edward stands by the side of the road, watching the car with all the ladies driving away.  He hopes the lady with the wedding dress doesn’t fall of the back of the car and continues his search for adventure.

My attempt to brainwash myself

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

I really like to exercise.

Keyboard Confessions

1.  Today, in the shower, there was a smiley face made out of hair and two mystery blobs.  I’m taking it as the universe wishing me a good day.



2. Please don’t call the health department on me for the state of my shower floor. 

3.  My mother is gagging looking at that picture.

4.  I’m going to see Harry Potter tonight.

5.  Am I the only rule breaker who brings in their own snacks to movies?

6.  Because, hello, I’m not paying $4.00 for some Twizzlers.  Psh.

7.  Unless I forget to bring them then I will be paying $4.00 for Twizzlers.

8.  I’m pretty sure Darby The Fish is dead. 

9.  Either that, or he is really really still in the corner of the fish bowl.

10.  I fed him, I swear.

11.  He died of boredom.  I know it.  I would have.  A plastic chest of gold is only so entertaining.

12.  I really really wish it was socially acceptable to show up to work with wet hair.

13.  I do it anyways, but that’s because I’m a rebel.  But just once I’d like to feel stylish.

14.  I heard today is a cooler day so I wore pants.  Instead of capris.  This means the bottom 3 inches of my leg are nice and toasty warm.

15.  I’m going to see Harry Potter tonight.  Did I mention that already?

16.  I just need to get it in my head that milkshakes are a no no for me.  Really.

17.  Hearing the theme song to “Flashdance” really makes me hanker for some legwarmers.  To wear.

18.  However, hearing Taylor Dane sing anything really makes me hanker for some legwarmers to stuff in my ears. 

19.  Ohhhh shouldn’t have done that milkshake.

20.  I’m going to see Harry Potter tonight.  Did I mention that already?

Happy Friday.  Especially to my homies from Twitter.  All three of them.