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I was watching Resident Evil on Oxygen this weekend, and I kept hearing the word “Motivator” every few seconds.  It took me a few minutes to realize that the Movie Cuss Word Replacer Person had replaced the word “Motivator” with the Grandmother Of All Cuss Words.  You know which one.  The two-word cuss word.  The one that talks about your momma.  In a not nice way.  That one. 


And I was laughing my head off. 

“Motivator, please.”

“That motivator is shooting at us!”

“Get down, motivator!”


And on and on it went.  I suppose motivator is better than just silence.  Can you imagine watching the movie with a bunch of blank spots?  It would be like Mad Libs for Movies.

“_______________, please.”

“That __________________ is shooting at us!”

“Get down, _______________!”


I don’t think our brains could keep up. 


It also occurred to me that the word motivator isn’t a bad word, really.  I mean, if I’m in traffic, and someone cuts me off, would me shouting “Hey, motivator!!” really be that bad?  In fact, I might encourage said cutter offer from cutting off others.  It would be like Road Rage Encouragement.  If I can just keep my fingers from illustrating the point, and paste a smile on my face, I just might make a difference on these here roads.


Update!  I found a clip on youtube that shows the crazy censoring of Resident Evil!