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By this time tomorrow…

Hubs and I shall be off in the mountainous beauty of Boulder, Colorado!


Actually, at this time tomorrow Hubs and I will be making our connecting flight in Dallas, TX to the mountainous beauty of Boulder.  Whatever.


I bet know you’re teeming with questions.  Why Boulder?  Is it snowing there? Did you wax your eyebrows?


Well, inquisitive reader, let me just take a minute and answer those questions. I am very helpful.  Unless you need puke cleaned up.  Then I am really good at finding help for you.


Why Boulder?

Well, Hubs and I are planning on moving there next year to start a church.  So this is Trip #1 to begin making those connections and finding an apartment, etc.  There are lots of details that need to be chiseled out of the giant rock that represents this big fat mission to Boulder.


Is it snowing there?

Idk, but it will probably snow while we’re there!  Now, ask me who will be driving during the snow.  That would be me.  That’s ok. I’ve accepted this role I must play when cold wintery stuff happens.  It’s the price I pay for growing up in Anchorage, Alaska.  Please, hold all questions about Alaska until the end of the tour. 


Did you wax your eyebrows?

Nay, friend.  I chose the earthy look.  Which means I just plucked them myself.  My nose hairs are looking good enough to cover my eyebrows anyways.  Besides, apparently Boulder appreciates the earthy look.  I wouldn’t know.  They could be dressed in purple antlers for all I know.  I had a dream I grew dread locks upon moving to Boulder and had those Pepe Le Pew stench tendrils wafting from my head.  No, I don’t use drugs.


This trip is so awesome for me and Hubs because we’ve been planning on Boulder for quite some time now, yet I have never set foot onto it’s rocky terrain.  Or maybe it’s squishy terrain.  I’m not sure.  I will report back on the condition of the terrain next week.  It’s hard planning a move somewhere with no idea of how things work there.  So that’s in part what this trip is about.  Also, we’ll be talking with some church leaders in that area to discuss ministry stuff.  And finally, we’ll be hanging out at coffee shops and Pearl Street, with video camera in hand, attempting to strike up conversations with random folks with purple antlers, just to see what the average person thinks there. 


Also, an amazing couple in our church paid for our trip, because they believed in our mission to Boulder.  I hope they are repaid 100 fold for their generosity!


Rest assured, kind readers, I shall not leave you without bloggage.  I have three guest bloggers lined up, which I’m sure shall entertain your eyeballs and make you instant fans. 


See you Tuesday!


On waxing

To wax my upper lip or not, that is the question…


So last week, I did it.  I got my eyebrows waxed.  I no longer look like I have brown fuzzy caterpillars waging war against each other on my forehead.  Now, they are sexay caterpillars, finely tuned and toned caterpillars, with their backs arched coyly. 

It went something like this:

EYEBROW THINNING GIRL:  Ok, I’m going to put this wax on so hold real still.


EYEBROW GIRL:  Well, it actually hurts less when it’s this hot.

ME:  Then let ‘er burn.

EYEBROW GIRL:  Ok, now I’m going to put this strip of cotton on.  *pat pat YANK*


EYEBROW GIRL:  Yeah, I don’t tell you when I’m going to yank  heh heh.  But that wasn’t so bad was it?

ME:  Hmm.  Well, it was easier than childbirth, so yeah, I guess it wasn’t so bad.

EYEBROW GIRL:  Ok, ready for the next one?

ME:  Oh I am so ready. 

(Editor’s note:  I didn’t really say this, because that would be uber dorky.  I probably just nodded.)

EYEBROW GIRL:  Ok, next eyebrow.  *slaps on wax, pats on cotton, yanks*

ME:  *barely flinch and quite proud that I barely flinch*

EYEBROW GIRL:  Hmm, let me use some tweezers and thin these out.  *pluck pluck pluck*

ME:  *fighting the urge to slug her as this HURTS WAY WORSE THAN THE WAXING*

EYEBROW GIRL:  Ok, here you go, nice shapely eyebrows!

ME:  *still fighting urge to slug her as it still smarts*

EYEBROW GIRL:  Oh, by the way, you’ll still have to pluck.  Just so you know.

ME:  Dang.


I gotta say though, I am in deep smit with my eyebrows now.  I can’t help preening in front of the mirror with my perfectly arched brows, and fluttering my eyelashes a bit.  I did this in front of Lance and said, “Notice anything different?” *flutter flutter* and he was like “Umm, nope.”  Yeah, well, maybe folks aren’t looking at my eyebrows like I feared they were. 

Now to tackle that mustache like thing hanging above my upper lip….