Keyboard Confessions

1.  My bestie, Robin, is here from Alaska.

2.  This means I went to bed very very late.

3.  No one is allowed to talk about New Moon with me.  Because me and The Bestie won’t be going until tomorrow.

4.  Also, I’m suspecting The Hubs is jealous of not getting to see New Moon with me.

5.  I also am suspecting that Snuggie could be suing me over yesterday’s Adventures with Edward post.

6.  Wouldn’t that totally suck?  “Why are you doing time, Kearsie?”  “Oh, I killed a man, did a B & E at my bank, I made a Snuggie for my Twilight Doll”. 

7.  I bet those inmates would think I was so hard core.

8.  I wonder if I could bring my Edward doll to jail?  That’d make a killer post “Adventures with Edward: Edward does time for an infomercial”.

9.  Oh my gosh, I’m totally tearing up thinking about Edward in jail.

10.  Ya’ll, I am not totally tearing up thinking about Edward in jail.  I just say that stuff.  *wipes eyes*

11.  One more Christmas gift down.  Since you’re all curious of my progress.

12.  It’s kind of embarrassing how The Bestie will see how little I work.

13.  I’m trying to type away so it looks like I’m busy.  However, she just watched me typing my blog, so I don’t think she’s all that impressed.

14.  It’s so liberating to have friends you can talk about poop with and they don’t ditch you.

15.  It’s also liberating that some friends have Edward dolls and don’t judge.

16.  The Runner just made The Bestie shred paper. 

17.  The Bestie just jammed up the shredder.  Now she’s all panicked.  I’m just laughing.

18.  I’m suuuuch a good Bestie.

19.  Also I have suuuuch a headache.  Can you get a hangover from late night talking? 

20.  Ok, The Bestie wants dibs on this last Keyboard Confession.  She says they’ve totally worn out that Taylor Swift song “You Belong With Me”.  Word, Bestie.  Word.

Happy Friday.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Did you make your matching shirts to wear? I want to see pictures if you did!

    You will love New Moon… that is all I will say.


  2. Hahhhaha *jealous* and *happy* for you, which causes interesting intestinal issues…

    I will tell you about New Moon:

    -It’s a movie
    -There’s a vampire in it
    -And a wolf
    -Bella hurts her arm, again
    -The End.

    Don’t let Robs touch anything that can break. Just sayin’ 😉


  3. Posted by Kelly on November 20, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    You’re not seeing New Moon until Saturday???!!!! How can you wait so long? I am dying waiting until 7pm tonight (Friday). I won’t say a word about it, however I have 2 ‘awsomes’ from 2 friends who saw it last night. Also…. well… there was something else I wanted to repond to on this blong…. but I’ve forgotten it. Yeah that’s me just turning 30. Fun.
    Ok…. well….. umm…. have fun w/ Bestie! And Edward… but please not in jail. :o)


  4. Say Hi to the Bestie for me. I like her. You, I love. Her, it’s like. For now.


  5. People are freaking out here in C-Town about New Moon. Have fun. And have a great weekend.


  6. new moon was good.

    i forgot edward doll.

    but i got swarmed by paparazzi.

    did you pinch bestie’s cheeks yet?


  7. so happy you and my dear, longtime friend Robin had such a nice time! Aren’t people named Robin just wonderful? Also, all the Kearsies I know are pretty fabulous too!


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