Adventures with Edward: Edward and the Infomercial

Setting:  The Barbie Mansion

One day, Edward is kickin it in the Barbie Mansion. 

He’s watching his favorite show:

LOST.  Best show EVER.  He settles in and watches a re-run.  He’s very confused. 

A commercial comes on.  Edward is instantly captivated.

“The Micro-Snuggie*!” he shouts.  “Please can I get one?  Please?  Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee?”

And because I’m a sucker for cute vampire dolls, I say yes.

Edward orders a Snuggie to match his scarf. 

Three weeks later, it arrives. 

Edward tries it on.

“Well, whaddya think?” Edward says, standing ever so proudly in his new Snuggie.

“Erm, very…manly,” I say. 

Edward goes back to watching LOST re-runs.  He feels like he’s in the Snuggie infomercial.  Too bad there’s no Barbie remote.

Durned if I’m not jealous of Edward’s Snuggie.

* This is not actually a Snuggie.  Please do not contact Snuggie asking for a Snuggie, else I shall be sued.


10 responses to this post.

  1. His Snuggle should sparkle. It’s only appropriate!


  2. Edward looks so cozy in his many snuggie. I am wondering if it’s not a snuggie that can warm his ice cold skin.


  3. jealous. that’s all.


  4. That is too funny! He looks so comfy in his snuggie 🙂


  5. this was wonderfully entertaining


  6. Sparkly Snuggie! Please please do it!

    Wait…then he’ll look like Liberace…maybe that’s a bad idea.


  7. Seriously cracking up.


  8. Posted by Carrie M. on November 19, 2009 at 10:43 pm



  9. OMG!
    I almost spewed by Diet Coke when I saw Edward in his Snuggie….YOU ARE HILARIOUS> you just keep coming up with these Edward things that CRACK ME UP.


  10. Posted by robin on November 20, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    he looks like one of the volturi!


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