Keyboard Confessions

1.  Today is Friday the 13th.  I really hope I see someone dressed up in a hockey mask with a knife in hand or else the hype of this day will be lost. 

2.  Take my advice:  don’t eat a banana and then immediately drink from a soda can.  Trust me on this. 

3.  *Burp*  ugh…gross.

4.  Guess what?  Painting for 5 hours straight will kill your arms.  I know, I was surprised too.

5.  I totally stole the Hubs’ new jacket.  I’m not giving it back.  Ever.  *cuddling in the soft squishiness of the jacket*

6.  Pennies are money.  Except guess what?  No one likes it when you use pennies in the Self-Checkout lines at Wal-Mart.  Trust me on this.

7.  Ever wanted to be a Ninja?  Alls you gotta do is learn to Glare.

8.  Now in case you’re like me and end up stabbing yourself in the forehead and eyeball trying to do the complicated hand gesture thingy, here is a tutorial.  Yes I’m serious.

9.  You’re welcome.

10.  I have obtained three more Christmas gifts.  That makes a total of five.  I am still very very very behind. 

11.  I’m very glad to say that my love for Party in the USA has waned.  I only watch the video like…three times a week.  Tops. 

12.  I let some folks in on the upcoming Adventures with Edward posts.  There was a whole lot of staring.  Most of it was by The Hubs.

13.  Do you think the Queen gets on the innernets? 

14.  Do you think the Queen reads my blog?  I know, she’d totally love it.

15.  Do you think Stephenie Meyer reads my Adventures with Edward?  I know, she’d totally LOL.  Or sue me, one of the two.

16.  I’ve given up on making risotto.  It’s just too much pressure to be a good cook. 

17.  Hubs and I just switched sides of the bed.  Which means it feels like I’m totally getting up on the wrong side of the bed.

18.  Today is the last day to enter this giveaway:

19.  I super hope I win. 

20.  Happy Friday!


7 responses to this post.

  1. (glare, it’s ninja GLARE! but maybe your eyes were still recovering from being poked) Thanks for helping the Ninja go even more viral, not that I have anything to do with it to say, “thank you” but…

    I am pretty sure both bananas and soda are dangerous in a gas tank. You really should be more careful.

    Hmmm…I am not saying you’re like a gas tank, at all, but you did burp.

    I think it’s the Novocaine typing. *hiding in corner*


    • Posted by soundsliketomatoes on November 13, 2009 at 7:12 pm

      Oh dang. It is glare, not stare. I was distracted with my new abilities to do the hand gesture thingy. I shall amend henceforth immediately.


  2. Hubbawha? You switched bed positions with the hubster? Holy moly, that’s outrageous! It would take me YEARS to recover from that.

    Oh, congrats on the 5 Xmas presents so far… You’re making progress!


  3. Posted by robin on November 13, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    today IS friday the 13th! creepy……

    hey! next friday is going to REALLY be a happy friday! i will be with you as you type your keyboard confessions! woot! woot!


  4. Posted by Steven Rhyne on November 13, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    You sick, sick woman!

    I now have “Ninja GLARE in the USA” stuck in my head! Both videos being played simultaneously with Edward Dolls in them!

    Ohh the agony!


  5. Of COURSE the Queen reads your blog.
    Yes, I do.


  6. i’ve been a ninja for a while now. also. you didn’t win my giveaway. i still like you though.


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