Keyboard Confessions

1.  I got to thinking the other day.  I’m turning 34 this month, and if I make it all the way to 68 then this is my middle of my life.  Which means I’m middle-aged.  Which means it’s ok to have a mid-life crisis.  Should I do something uber crazy?  Like get a tattoo or dye my hair?  Or maybe just make tacky jokes.  That’s way less high maintenance.

2.  What does it say about me that I did not mind that Blockbuster is already promoting Christmas movies?  Too bad Hubs has rules. 

3.  I told Co-worker that I was sad at how much I like that Party in the USA song.  She responded with “What can I say, she captivates the world”.  She said this without cracking a smile.

4.  hahaahahahahaah still laughing at that

5.  Going to see Christmas Carol in 3D tonight.  I am wondering if it’s ok to eat Twizzlers as my dinner. 

6.  I bet there’s fiber.  Or, umm, Vitamin something or other. 

7.  Speaking of fiber, I ate two Fiber One granola bars yesterday.  I won’t tell you how my evening went.

8.  But don’t worry, everything came out all right. 

9.  I am itching to delete that last sentence.  But I’m going through my mid-life crisis, see, so I’m supposed to say rash and bold things like that.  Right?  Erm.

10.  Maybe I should just dye my hair.  I can’t handle the pressure of bold and rash statements. 

11.  I cleaned my laundry room the other day.  It’s all nice and clean and lint free and you can see the sparkly floor.  Hubs found me in there the other day just standing around.  He asked, “What are you doing in there?”  I said, “It’s the only clean room in the house.  I just like to hang out in here.”  He blinked a few times and walked away.  Poor Hubs.  

12.  I dreamed last night that my mother in law came into our house in the middle of the night.  Then she left a choir book and a CD with a note that said “Be there this Sunday to sing this”.  And I was panicked.  I bet Freud would have all kinds of weird stuff to say about this.  I personally think I shouldn’t have eaten all those Wheat Thins right before bed.

13.  But then I dreamed that I was taking my kids to school and parked like a zillion blocks away and made them walk.  That must’ve been all the Pink Lemonade I drank.

14.  Don’t ask the Subway Sandwich Builder Guy how his day was unless you really want to know.  Because apparently the guy who works near me had an awful day and he hates his job.   

15.  He wasn’t very interested in putting together my sandwich.  Two olives do not make a tasty sandwich.

16.  Also, I can’t handle all the decisions.  Toasted?  Not toasted?  That’s just too much pressure.

17.  You know what else is too much pressure?  Besides the fact I have to pee?  Finishing this list.

18.  I’m allowed to quit at #18.  I’m having a mid-life crisis, remember? 

Happy Friday.

13 responses to this post.

  1. – Happy Birthday Month (Nov birthdays are the best!)
    – if you get a tattoo, my name is spelled with a “U” and not a “W”… laser removal to correct that spelling error would be spendy
    – Twizzlers is totally okay for dinner
    – Enjoy the movie and tell me how it is!!
    – Can we make a book about your dreams? I’ll illustrate the book.
    – Also, I can’t draw.
    – A Miley Cyrus intervention may be in your future…


  2. Posted by robin on November 6, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    girl…i have been dreaming about a subway sandwich for almost ten days! i cannot get enough of that fluffy, bready, sandwichy goodness!!!!!

    thanks for the date idea too! libs and i have a date tonight and that 3d movie looks like it would be ok, but alas, i cannot have twizzlers for dinner while i am there. i still have two days to go on this cleanse….maybe more, but i will give you the details on that in private!

    kudos to you for the clean laundy room! we can set up chairs in there and read with umbrella drinks or something. maybe put up a sun lamp.


  3. Posted by Val on November 6, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    i am so honored to be quoted in your keyboard confessions. but ive got bad news, that quote was copyrighted so you owe me a scarf and some knit socks, sorry guess you didn’t know that. thanks for understanding though.


  4. Oh, Kearsie. How I love your confessions.

    I’m having a panicky few days… I turn 27 on Thursday… and *sigh* It’s stressful!


    P.s. You look no where near 34. I’d say you look younger than me!


  5. P.P.S. You also act much younger which makes you seem younger.

    P.P.P.S In a good way though not like an immature-bitchy-snotty way.


  6. I say get an eyebrow piercing. That’s what I did…

    When Subway first opened up I went with a friend and this is what happened:

    Me: Can you make whatever I want?
    Guy: *Looks at me like I am insane*
    Me: Oh, I see hahahahha! Ham and cheese please.
    Guy: Six inches or a foot?
    Me: Yes.
    Guy: Um, six inches or a foot?
    Me: Yeah, whatever that sounds great! White bread please.
    Guy: *Grabs a big knife* Do you want a foot long *slams knife down on hoagie* or six inches!!! *holds up mutilated hoagie*
    Me: Oh, um…a foot, please…

    This story is true. And, people who work at Subway are not happy people, but that could entirely be my fault. The end.


  7. Happy Birthday! I love #11. : ) I’m nearing middle age but was going for a later end date. Due to my calculations, you have a few years yet. Everyone else claims they cannot see them but the gray hairs are creeping in. I can see their dullness ruining my hair. Before too long, I may go red. For now, I’m going to an pottery opening. Have a great weekend!


  8. Posted by Aunt Shanon on November 7, 2009 at 2:03 am

    Dear Kearsie,
    I love #7. But you know, two Fiber 1’s equal a #2. And we all know what #2 is.


  9. Dear BFF Kearsie –

    I have just that I am actually not quite old enough to be your mother…..I am OLLLLLLLLLD and you will not want to be my BFF anymore…. wah. 😦

    Also, I think twizzlers, if you get the red ones, could count as your fruit intake for the day. That’s at least how I feel about chocolate covered raisins….


  10. Nice post !. Its worth reading.


  11. 1. I can’t eat Fiber One bars because of the horrendous GAS that they give me.
    2. But good to know that everything came out all right for you.
    3. No, you are not middle aged yet because I am middle aged and I am 54.
    4. Yes, I am planning to live to be 108.
    5. So there.
    6. Happy Birthday!


  12. Happy Birthday my friend!!
    You are YOUNG…and fretting for nothing!!!
    I have shoes as old as you. ha
    Don’t worry until you hit 50 plus. Like me.
    Which makes me really sad, because when you reach that age, I will be ANCIENT.
    Wonder if we will still both be blogging?
    Wonder if blogging will still be occurring?
    Oh this is just too deep.
    Now I am depressed…..


  13. Posted by Aunt Melissa on November 13, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    your writing continues to crack me up… Must be all the sugar you consume.


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