Keyboard Confessions

1.  While often on these silly lists I am not really confessing anything, today I shall confess something for real.  Ready?  *Deep breath* I totally love this song.

2.  Let the mocking begin.  Your mocking hurts, but you know I’m gonna be okay, YeaaaAAAaaaaahh, it’s a party in the USA….I don’t care.  Mock all you want. 

3.  I bet you’re so jealous of my weekend plans.  What are my plans, you ask?  I shall be painting my bathroom.  I know.  EXCITEMENT GALORE.  I’m noddin my head like yeah.

4.  What’s worse: the fact that all I have to look forward to is painting my bathroom or the fact that I’m kind of excited to do it? 

5.  It’s all for my BFF.  Why I think she needs to see a painted bathroom when she comes for a visit, I don’t know.  It would be wiser to get the carpet cleaned.  Or exercise.

6.  Also, there is no way I’m going to lose 40 pounds in 27 days.  And I’m movin my hips like yeah.

7.  Remember myspace?  When it was cool?  Sad.  I feel bad for it’s noncoolness.  Anyways, I still go there sometimes because it’s easy to listen to music on myspace.  On facebook not so much.  So I went to myspace and put all the songs on the New Moon soundtrack on a playlist and I’ve been listening to it over and over and over.  I am now ready for the movie.  Brrring it.

8.  Yesterday, my boss sat at my computer when I got up to make some copies.  He heard the soundtrack playing and said “Kearsie likes weird European music”. 

9.  I think I’m just going to do it.  By it I mean open the other box with Edward and Bella.  What do you think?

10.  But I’m not telling my Hubs.  He just won’t get it.  He doesn’t get a whole lot about what I do.  But I provide him clean underwear and the occasional meal, so he doesn’t complain.

11.  Remember when I was all up in Twitter’s armpit?  Well, it’s back to being boring.  And not a boring addiction.  Just boring.  Noddin my head like yeah.

12.  I plan on giving this book for Christmas.  And I hope I get one too.


13.  I think I’m ready to learn to crochet.  All because of this shop.  Also some of her items are mature-ish.  I am not mature-ish so I look and laugh.  And wish I could crochet.

14.  Another confession:  I hunted forever the other day trying to figure out if Robsten are together or not.  I don’t care if you mock me.  It was a boring day and I just wanted to know already. 

15.  Then I sat and listened to Daniel Radcliffe interviews.  This is what happens on a slow day at work. 

16.  I think I know what I’m going to be when I grow up.  I’m going to be a bed-sheet engineer.  Because I can’t find one set of dadgummed sheets to stay on my bed without slipping off the corners.  For real.  I’m going to have a stroke one day screaming at my bed sheets.

17.  Also, I don’t really scream at my bed sheets.  That would make me crazy.  Noddin my head like yeah.

18.  Last night, I was told I’ve been misspelling “Febreze”.  This is almost as bad as the time I was told I misspelled “definitely”. 

19.  It sucks to feel dum.

20.  Wow.  It’s almost physical pain to look at that word spelled wrong.  But you know I’m gonna be okay, YeaaAAAaaahhh, it’s a party in the USA.


15 responses to this post.

  1. I won’t mock your music, I could barely sleep last night I was so excited about finding AccuRadio’s online broadway station.

    Who or what is Robsten?

    I scream at things that can’t hear me all the time. Also people at the other end of the computer screen.

    In my excitement about broadway last night, I immediately went to tweet about what I had found and misspelled found. Super. I ended up just deleting it immediately to hide my shame.


  2. Oh my goodness, you’re so funny! Love the music, don’t get twitter, but who am I, and don’t envy painting a bathroom, because I’m painting trim!


  3. Oh, and the bathroom painting, I AM jealous! I want to paint mine green so bad, but we’re moving at the end of the year, so there doesn’t seem to be any point.


  4. Posted by freebutterfly on October 23, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    *sniff* I never said anyone was dumb. I thought maybe the misspelling was some Twilight joke I was missing.

    But it still bothered me. Because, you see, I too love Febreze. I am like the people on the commercials coming in and inhaling deeply here, there and everywhere.

    Lots of people still spell ‘definitely’ wrong. They’re not dumb either. They’re just using phonetics. Which should be spelled fonetix.


  5. That’s what’s wrong with the Febreze company, they don’t know the rules!

    When two vowels go a walkin’…

    You know how I feel about Miley. I had to listen to the Bee Gees this morning just to make sure my head didn’t explode.

    Buy bigger sheets.


  6. Oh yeah, not sure those crocheted pieces should be called, “mature-ish”, she should call them “horrifying” and “squeamish” but in a funny, wince-in-pain kind of way…


  7. I do not like to paint. Connie does.

    I like the Miley Cyrus song too. And I am a bit ashamed about that.

    I still like Twitter. And I don’t Facebook.


  8. I can’t say that I’m a fan of Party in the USA, but I can say that it gets stuck in my head and seems to never go away!

    The last I heard on Robsten was that they were shacking up in some hotel in Vancouver, not so sure how I feel about that…


  9. I’m glad I could inspire someone to want to crochet. I say go for it! And I only mark those ‘mature-ish’ because of the flag-happy people on etsy. God forbid they see something that looks like a boob. Have fun painting your bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Posted by robin on October 25, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    i still don’t think that robsten are an item. however, with the cameras following them like they are, we are not leaving them with any other option. they can’t talk to anyone else but each other! the cameras have them holed up like squirrels in a tree! it leaves them with a very small social circle and they will probably end up together for that reason! there won’t be anyone else to date but each other!

    i must also confess that i have spent a fair amount of time watching DR interviews. he is just too cute in that nerdy, twitchy, shy kind of way. i think he is what 15 now????? i am sick.

    crack open the box. you only live once. set the dolls free kears.


  11. The sheets thing???
    Get sheets that are labeled for extra thick mattresses…I swear by them…they will stay on, I promise….
    unless you and the Hubs are too frisky. Then, in the morning you may have to do some tucks.
    NOOOO…not THOSE kind of TUCKS.
    Lord, NOW I have done it….I have gone down a wrong road…
    Never mind….



    So much so I had to use all CAPS.

    Oh, and i tagged you on my blogs.


  13. i can’t believe i pushed “play”. i knew what it was and still. i pushed “play”. and a jayz song was on. and a jayz song was on. and a jayz song was ooOOOOOonnnn.


  14. well carp. i just pushed “play” again.


  15. well carp. i did it again! i guess i didn’t get the memo.


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