Day Three-Five

To minimalize the boredom, I shall condense days three through five.  (Too late, Kearsie!  This is so boring I fell asleep 5 times!)

We wake up, look outside and see snow.  Hubs convinces me to wear his thermal underwear shirt.  We leave hotel and instantly freeze. It is around 25 degrees.

Hubs wants to do more video shooting at Pearl Street in Boulder.  I realize after about 10 minutes that if I want to keep my ears I shall have to purchase a hat.  Hubs finds me a cool shop with lots of knitted merchandise.  I spend a couple of self conscience minutes trying on different hats in front of the store owner.  He is a good sport and helps me find one that fits. 

We go to a pizza place for lunch and get out of the cold. 

After pizza we head to the Farmer’s Market.  I am amazed that so many booths are open when it is freezing and tons of snow covers everything.  I see booth owners hopping up and down, shouting to other booth owners “I can’t feel my feet!”

I buy a cinnamon cake thingy from a German lady.  It is gluten-free and looks and smells divine.  It is so rich I have to share it with Hubs.

After awhile, we decide the weather wins and we head to a movie.  We watch The Surrogates.  It is nice to not have to think about anything but the movie. 

There is a church nearby that has Saturday night services so we head over to check it out.

It is awesome.  We are amazed that here is a booming, thriving church here that is actually cool.  They are for real about missions and service projects and currently have adopted a city in Afghanistan or somewhere and help the folks in a refugee village with financing digging wells and bringing food.  There is laughter in the service and you can tell the pastor really cares about people.  After the service we make our way to say hello the pastor.  We tell him we are so encouraged.  It was a great message and really helped us find direction in our crazy mission to Colorado.  He struggles with my name, but seems determined to get it.  He is very encouraging to us and tells us he will be praying for us.  We leave very happy.  Maybe with hope.

We eat our very first fish tacos for dinner and fall instantly in love. 

End Day Three.


Day Four and Five are roughly the same.

Day Four we visit another church and Hubs is asked to give a short talk on our mission to Boulder.  After church we drive up the mountain again. 

We head to a mall and just wander around.  I shop for souvenirs for our girls.  We decide if you see one mall, you’ve seen them all.

It is a laid back day. 

End Day Four


Day Five we get up, pack up our dirty clothes and wave goodbye to our sweet suite.  Well really, I waved, Hubs just stared at me waving and told me I was weird. 

We drive to Denver and try to take in some sites.  We regret not having spent more time in Denver, it looks really interesting.  Hubs forces me to video again.  I pay him back by making him repeat what he has just said.  He eventually takes back the video camera. 

We drop off rental car and wait for the shuttle to the airport. 

We are HOURS early.

We make our flights, eat in the airport, use the restroom blah blah blah.

I watch Ladyhawke on my iPhone which I have been saving for my return trip home.  Such a great movie.

We land at home and see our girls waving to us!  Addie immediately sees the store bag with their souvenirs and hones in on it.  We hand over a moose for each.  Emma says she shall name hers “Mucille” (You know, Mommy, like “Lucille” but with “Moose”!).  Addie has changed her moose’s name about 40 times.  Currently it’s Melissa.  They both hold my hand in the car on the way home.

We head home and crawl into our own beds.

End Day Five.


While this was probably as boring as watching paint dry, this was a monumental trip for me and The Hubs.  It was a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows.  It was a time for us to Talk.  And Eat.  And Sleep In. 

And now we’re home.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Awww, it sounds like the last of the trip was awesome! And I wanna see your new hat! And the mooses….meece? 🙂

    So glad you left feeling more positive about your mission that you were feeling on Day 2. *hugs*

    And I did see you wave at me, I ran outside and waved back, didn’t ya see? The wizard did…I don’t bother explaining this things to him anymore. And he doesn’t ask anymore.


  2. Posted by Mom on October 15, 2009 at 11:59 pm

    Glad to hear you all survived such an important trip with your sanity intact. Please post a picture or three of you with your hat, Lances new coat and Edward with the mooses. Also a picture of your girls would be nice for us who NEVER get to see them….this is a very subtle hint, okay. If you fail to respond the subsequent hints get less subtle as we go along. I’m kidding of course, no I’m really not, yes I am, no, I mean it, well, I’m kind of serious not really. yes. pix of my grand girls please, you, Lance & Edward, can he ride the Moose?


  3. Trips away often make things more clear in our hearts….
    so glad you had a good time and that it served a purpose you hoped it would!


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