When things get blocked

folks, i’m winn. runner up for guest blogger. am i bitter that i was chosen to be the second guest blogger? not at all. it’s an honor just to be nominated. pblthhhhhhhh.

nevertheless, i’m so excited to be here. except, i’ve only cursed about a thousand times since trying to write this post. mainly because my brain has been blank for the past couple weeks.

kearsie kept telling me i could do it. she kept giving me supportive comments having to do with supportive items like braziers, orthopedic shoes, etc. she named them all. all except for the jock strap.

speaking of which. i’m so happy my hubby got a vasectomy for my birthday. erm. wait, wha? idk.

so thank you all for visiting kearsie’s blog. you’ll be relieved to know that she’ll return soon. unlike my husband’s sperm. word.

ohhhhh. okay. now i see why kearsie didn’t want me to guest blog first. good choice. righteous move.


6 responses to this post.

  1. This guest blogging thing is vary hard, isn’t it? I mean, when your brain is stoppED up like that…

    It’s a mayericle that eithvar of us thought up anything at all! We var awesome though…tomorrow (or is it Monday) will be edspecially interedsting…I bet that will get the most amayerzing reactions…

    Sigh. Help me.


  2. thanks for your support kimmy. and not the jock strap kind.


  3. Don’t you remember anything from kindergarten? Second is best, first is worst! (I don’t know what wasn’t-asked-to-guest-blog-until-the-author-sent-sobs-via-instant-messenger is…)


  4. so… winn can blog about sex on someone ELSE’S page, huh?


  5. And third is a turd. Yeah, that was awesome third grade pwning right there…


  6. Posted by Carrie M. on October 13, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    pink. urm. word.


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