My latest dream

Welcome to the Jay Conan O’Lettermanaleno show!  With special guest- Kearsie who wrote the book How I Became An Expert In Nostril Hair!

Applause and cat calling as I take my seat. I wave to my fan club on the right.

“So Kearsie, this is your book all about how you became an expert in nostril hair.  Congratulations!  I’ve read it and I must say, I am impressed!”

“Thanks, Mr. O’Lettermanaleno.”

“Please, call me J.C.”

“Ok, thanks, J.C.”

“So tell us about how this book came to be.”

“Well, there just wasn’t much out there that talked about how to have great nostril hair and one day, staring at the copious nose hair sprouting from my nose, I just decided to take matters into my own hands.”

Audience hoots in appreciation

“And folks, let me just say, if you can’t see Kearsie’s nostrils from where you’re sitting, you are missing a real treat.  They are gorgeous!  Ray, can we get a close up?”

Audience ooohs as they see my nostrils up close.

I blush.

Now Kearsie, please tell us, did you always have success at getting perfect nostril hair?  I imagine that’d be a difficult skill to develop.”

“Yes, J.C. my journey to perfect nostril hair has been long and hairy.”

Audience laughs at my pun.

“In fact, you can read about the time I tried using kitchen shears to trim my nose and ahahahaahah accidentally clipped my right nostril!  Or the time I used tweezers and was crying by the time I was finished.  Or HAHAHAHAH the time I accidentally poked tiny nail scissors into my brain!  Phew! that’s a good one.”

Jay Conan O’Lettermanaleno shakes his head in admiration at my words. 

“So folks, head out to your nearest Barnes-a-Million and pick up a copy of How I Became An Expert In Nostril Hair!


7 responses to this post.

  1. I love you, kearsie. Seriously.

    This made me giggle.


  2. Wait, that’s it? *Running out to Barnes-a-Million to get my copy, nose hairs waving in the breeze behind me*


  3. I was expecting a preview of tips from the expert. sigh.

    nose hair is full of the yucky and empty of awesomes.


  4. Posted by Sara on October 7, 2009 at 2:07 am

    This was hysterical. Also, it made me feel better about my own battle with one random chin hair.


  5. That is awesome book 😉 you are hilarious.


  6. Oh I just KNOW the sequel to this will have something to do with pubbie hairs….you can deny it, but I know its going to happen…..


  7. YOU? Are a nut. And I adore you.


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