Things that make me super happy

1.  Lists.  I could write a list of why I like lists, but I fear it might break my blog.

2.  Starting a knitting project.  Currently I’m making a striped sock. 

3.  Finishing a knitting project.  Notice I left out the middle portion.  

4.  Finding free sewing/knitting/crafting patterns online.  I print them and put them in a book to try out one day.  It’s my goal to do them all.

5.  Giving away sewing/knitting/crafting things.  This is why I’ll never make money with my handcrafted wares.

6.  When I make something for dinner and The Hubs says it’s really good.  It doesn’t happen often, sadly.

7.  Traveling on airplanes.  I’m about to do this next week.  With The Hubs.  Which makes it even more fun.

8.  The rare occassions I’m able to teach someone something. 

9.  When I find my blog name on a stranger’s blogroll. 

10.  Late night The Office reruns when I’m tired and everything is hilarious.  Last night, Hubs just stared at me for awhile as I laughed and laughed. 

11.  Listening to music that I know all the lyrics to and belting them away in my car.  Even more fun when my girls sing along with me.  Like this morning it was Paramore.

12.  When my children randomly come up and hug me.  Now that they’re older, they don’t do this very often.

13.  Teaching my daughter, Emma, to knit.  She likes it when we knit together.

14.  Foot rubs.  When I’m old and rich, I’m going to hire someone to rub my feet every night.  Hubs will be super happy about this.  I’m hoping whoever I hire looks like Tom Welling.  Hubs will not be super happy about that.

15.  Reading.  Such a nerdy thing and yet I love it so much.  I’ll stay up way too late to read. I’ll read at lunch, at the doctor’s office, on road trips, wherever.  Just started Vampire Diaries: The Fury and Dark Reunion.  It’s like the literary version of Dawson’s Creek but, it’s something to read.

16.  Going to the movies.  I’ll pay exhorbant prices to be entertained.  Kind of want to see Fame

17.  Playing card games with large groups of people.  Seriously, so much fun.  All my years of playing Solitaire have paid off.  Without paying me anything. 

18.  Getting packages in the mail.  Who doesn’t love this?  I found the secret to getting regular packages in the mail- I signed up for a website that sends me samples.  I have about 47 tampons.  They were free and I got to open lots of packages.  Win win. 

19.  Striking up conversations with strangers.  Like at Chick-fil-A, this woman at a nearby table spotted Catching Fire open on the table and we had a 20 minute conversation about the books and upcoming movie.  I wonder if I could be a politician in the making?  Hmm, I’ll bet once talk of my Edward doll came out, there’d be a scandal. 

20.  Fall.  Sweaters, cushy knitted socks, lap blankets, hot chai tea with Hubs, Pumpkin Cheesecake at Olive Garden, Pumpkin scented candles, turning leaves…come on.  It’s the best time of year.

21.  The smell of gasoline.  This does not mean “I get high by sniffing gasoline”.  Also good is scent of skunks.  Not like, on me.  Just driving through it. 

22.  Daisies.  They are basically weeds and they smell like a dog drooled on them, but I love them. 

23.  New fabric.  Sometimes a friend will find cool fabric and pop them in the mail to me and I love it.  It’s hard not to be a fabric hoarder.

24.  Tie-dye.  It’s not in style, but hello- have you looked at me?  I’d still wear it. 

25.  Clean stylish homes.  I wonder what that would feel like to live in a clean and stylish home?  I’ll bet there wouldn’t be hot pink silly putty ground into the carpet.

26.  My Dope Mixes of Beats.  That’s code for mixed CDs.  You’re all invited to send me your Dope Mix of Beats.  I need new music.  Unless you’re a country music fan.  I’ll just admire yours from afar.

27.  Musicals.  Like Singin in the Rain.  Or Glee

28.  Disney World.  Please, God, send me a vacation package to Disney World.  Love, Kearsie.

29.  Blistex.  I don’t go anywhere without my handy dandy tube of Blistex. 

30.  Blueberries.  Anything with blueberries. 

31.  Mountains.  I don’t want to climb them or ski them or anything.  I just like to look at them.

32.  Christmas lights.  Best place for Christmas lights – Opryland Hotel.

33.  Christmas Story.  Best Christmas movie ever.

34.  Wait.  I forgot about Elf.  Best Christmas movie ever also.

35.  Crazy dreams.  Like last night where I dreamed I plugged a bullethole in a man with a tampon.  I was half grossed out/half impressed with my creative nursing.  Then that one detective guy on CSI: Sexual Bad Stuff came out and asked me where I got the tampon.  Then I got really scared and wanted out of the dream.  But the blood had congealed in the bullethole and when they pulled it out the guy started freaking out and crying and then everyone was like WHY DID YOU PUT A TAMPON IN HIS BULLETHOLE?  Crazy, I tell you.

36.  My G-ma’s chicken and dumplings.  I try to make it using her recipe but I’m pretty sure she is magic in the kitchen.  Me, not so much.

37.  Sarcasm.  I’m a big fan of sarcasm.  Like, dumb bumper stickers that say stuff like “My kid beat up your honor roll student” or “Stupid people shouldn’t breed”.  Not nice, but funny.

38.  Haikus.  I sooo want this Tshirt.


39.  My iPhone.  With no innernets on the farm, this is what keeps me connected to the world.  Or at least to Bejeweled. 

40.  Chinese food.  I’m pretty sure I could eat it every.single.meal.

41.  Wait.  But I forgot about lasagne.

42.  Fine point pens. 

43.  Connecting with people.  Surfacy talk is fun, but it’s nice to go deep with someone too.

44.  Lunch with the Hubs.  It’s a rare occassion with we can dine sans kids.

45.  Use of the word “sans”.

46.  And “alas”.

47.  Old school movies like The Dark Crystal, Sixteen Candles, Airborn, and Mystery Date.

48.  New jeans.  I shall hunt for some today as my car poked a ginormous hole in the seat of my other new jeans.  Alas.

49.  The Perfect Cupboard Turkey and Cranberry sandwich.  Tis manna. 

50.  Finishing lists.

Happy Friday!

9 responses to this post.

  1. Love your list! Most of those things make me happy too!


  2. I love that shirt too.
    We could wear them and be twins.
    But people would stare.


  3. i liked no. 7
    Indeed this post made me happy and ofcourse laugh alot. Nice share


  4. You ALWAYS make me laugh! Have a great weekend!


  5. i’m feeling super fancy special. mainly because that’s my sock. and my fabric. and my disney world.


  6. Great list, and I also want that shirt. Though I’m personally terrified of flying. Me on a plane is not unlike a cat poised above a bathtub.


  7. I love fine point pens, too! Black (or purple) specifically. As a kid, I loved the smell of gasoline. As an adult, not so much. Maybe b/c I’m paying for it now! : )


  8. You lost me on 21…is it that the 20 things before it make you SO happy that 21 just doesn’t bother you? Is there a deeper meaning to it all?


  9. thats a lot of list. 🙂


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