Keyboard Confessions

1.  You’re all scratching your head in confusification.  Today isn’t Friday.  But I like to shake things up.  Also I like to go through bouts of writer’s block and have nothing to write other than lists.  One of those statements is true.

2.  I just read some of the best books ever.  I always say that.  But this time I mean it.  Again.  Anyways.  Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.  Seriously.  SO GOOD.

3.  The fact that I can only write in lists now has me worried.  If I wrote my own eulogy, I’m pretty sure it’d be a list. 

4.  I spent $7.00 on zit creme from Mary Kay.  It was $7.00 well spent.

5.  When hosting a birthday party at a barn with 9 little girls, pick the hardest craft in the world for them to do, like making a stick horse.  Seriously, it makes the party 

6.  Also, only buy one glue gun and make the girls stand in a line for an hour and make them take turns getting stuff glued on.

7.  I might be the best party planner ever.

8.  Or I might be just really really dumb.

9.  I had this dream recently that I wrapped myself in Saran Wrap to make myself sweat.  When I woke up, I really had the urge to do this.

10.  Only 87 days left until Christmas.  I am beginning to panic.

11.  I can only knit so fast, you know.

12.  I am also thinking of making some of these cuties.

Black Apple Rag Dolls as seen on Martha Stewart

Black Apple Rag Dolls as seen on Martha Stewart

13.  But if Shauna has a boy, I might need to learn to make one of these.

Stuffed Robot

Stuffed Robot

14.  In 8 days I’ll be walking the streets of Boulder, Colorado.  Not in a street walker kind of way, just the normal street walking kind of way.  Erm. 

15.  It will be the first time since all my gestating began 9 years ago that The Hubs and I shall be off on our own. 

16.  I plan on bringing Edward doll with me, because he’s always in my handbag.  I wonder what the airport X-ray people will think when they see him…

17.  “Is that an Edward doll?  Security!”

18.  My BFF from high school is coming down in 51 days to see New Moonwith me.  We’re thinking of making T-shirts that say TEAM JACOB JUST FOR NEW MOON

19.  Or I might go ahead and make a T-shirt that says TEAM EWOK

20. Or I might just wear regular clothes.  Whatever.

Happy Friday Tuesday.


16 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rhonda on September 29, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Kearsie you always crack me up! I think team Ewok put me over the edge though!


  2. Or you could just wear a Team Edward shirt because seriously, he is awesome. What would Edward doll think if he saw you sporting a Team Jacob shirt??? It could be devastating!


  3. Posted by Aunt Vam on September 29, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    I hope Edward has at least one adventure in Colorado! Looking forward to his updates, and anticipating the face palm! lol


  4. I love you.


  5. Posted by Sara on September 30, 2009 at 2:36 am

    Ok, It so made my day that when I got home from yucky Bible-Mart, I got to read a brand new KC. Love it!!!


  6. Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂


  7. Posted by robin on September 30, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    dude. we will be so cool. *nerdy laugh*

    however, i am quickly losing my nerve about wearing any sort of themed clothing. regular clothes have their advantages. *uncomfortable laugh*

    i am kind of digging the robot pillow!


  8. OK, it made me freak too to see that Christmas is so close. And, I just read “90 Minutes in Heaven” which was fascinating. Sorry that I was MIA for a few days. Am trying to catch-up on some of your posts as we speak.


  9. Stuffed Robot looks amazing 🙂 you would have tough job though Christmas is very much near ans upon us all.


  10. Oh! Please make me a stuffed robot! I would love you forever and ever and evers!

    And thanks for the book recommendations.


  11. I hope Edward does not get altitude sickness.


  12. I giggled a lot at this. Wow, a confession on a Tuesday? We must have been extra good last week!


  13. Posted by Kristi on October 2, 2009 at 4:46 am

    Super glad you are enjoying the zit cream! Miss you girls!


  14. You should make a stuffed Ed doll…and a stuffed Jacob doll; think of how fun making all those muscles will be…um…


  15. maybe i should do a list. must remember to put fancy deviled egg dish on said list.

    i’m going to wear a shirt that says “i’m not here to see new moon with all you crazies. i’m just here for the popcorn and diet coke”.


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