Keyboard Confessions

1.  Is it just me or has this week just zoomed right on by?

2.  I am feeling good about myself because I got rid of lots and lots of files on my desk.  All of them with problems. 

3.  It’s sort of like a legal ball of yarn you have to untangle.  It takes patience.  And Diet Coke.

4.  My joy was short lived however, because then a whole nother stack of files just got set on my desk today.  Alas.

5.  Must go get a Diet Coke.

6.  You wanna know my big plans for the weekend?  I shall be attempting adding stripes to my knitted socks. 

7.  I know, you are so wishing you could live my life.  I’m like glamour, class AND craftiness all rolled up into a person.

8.  I am not a big fan of “The Climb” aka The Slime.  However, I do kind of like that song “See You Again“. 

9.  I know, I know.  *rolling my eyes*

10.  At night I’ve been wearing my knitted socks.  They keep my pigs nice and cozy.  Don’t they make me look thin and sexy?


11.  However, since they were the first pair I made, I didn’t know what the slap I was doing.  Therefore, they are too big.  The toes do that floppy thing like  boys they walk around and don’t pull up their socks.  It drives me crazy.

12.  We’re going to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs tonight.  LOVE the book. 

13.  You know what other kids book I love?  Junie B. Jones.  Seriously, so funny.  I’ve been reading them to my girls and I can’t hardly read out loud for the laughing.  Which makes them laugh.  It’s awesome. 

14.  It occurs to me today that I have been wearing the same kind of perfume for 8 years.  This makes me feel predictable.

15.  I’ll bet you’re just DYING to know what perfume it is.  I’ll tell you what it’s not- it’s not Febreeze.

16.  I’ve been burning my pumpkin scented candle at home.  That thing I said before about pumpkin scented things?  It’s so not true.  Just sayin. 

17.  Also, I’m not going to say what I said before.  You’ll just have to wonder.

18.  Sorry Lance, I know you’re facepalming. 

19.  Ooh!  I forgot about this thingI’ll be making this weekend for Emma’s Cowgirl Birthday Partay.  If you beg, I shall post a pic.  Because I’m nice that way.  And a bit narcissistic. 

20.  I’ve decided this is my favorite song ever. 

Happy Friday, my friends.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Oh! I am so glad to see you have been uber busy, ’cause you haven’t commented on any of my posts lately…oh.snap.

    Anyway most kidding aside, pumpkin + socks = business time. Oh yes it does…


  2. Come over to my house and help me get rid of my files!!!


  3. miley cyrus gyrates a funny way.

    you’re showing a sliver of white calf. it’s muy caliente. i don’t speak spanish. but sometimes i pretend to. it’s all this dora i’m watching. arriba up, abajo down, etc etc.

    you’re wearing jean nate.


  4. O.K….why is your left foot pointed? Do you have only ONE toe that comes to a point? Did you not cut your toenails (in some Howard Hughes spooky kind of way) on that foot, thus needing to knit a pointed one on your left foot to accomodate your *ahem* affliction????
    Darn cute socks (for someone with a freaky left foot). Just sayin’……


  5. That is quite some song 😉


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