I got a pain.

I am not a sporty person.  My eyes glaze over when I hear that ESPN Sports Center ditty.  But it seems to me that athletes get hurt all the time, no matter what sport they play.

Tennis Elbow

Golfer’s Knee

Swimmer’s Ear

Broken ankles from gymnastics

Not to mention jammed fingers and thumbs from basketball and football


Sports work your body.  However, it’s not just sports that work your body.  Arts and crafts do as well.  Yes huh, they do too.  I’ll prove it.

Exhibit A:

Picture 001


This is my thumb, all corroded looking from holding knitting needles every spare second in my day.  Plus I wash my hands every few minutes to avoid The Swine so they are drier than um, really dry stuff.  Gross, I know.  I never claimed to be a hand model.

Exhibit B:



That, my friends, is what I refer to as “Knitter’s Knuckle”.  It is where the yarn rubs over the first knuckle of my finger.  It’s sore.  I know because I keep pressing it to see if it hurts.  It’s a weird compulsion.  I must press it. 


So knitting is now in league with basketball and it’s many injuries.  At least I won’t lose any teeth like in hockey.

11 responses to this post.

  1. i’m the first to comment. also. i should send you some hand cream. use it wisely and for it’s stated purposes only.


  2. I always have poke marks on my hands. Wait. That didn’t sound as good as it did in my head.

    Sewing causes poke marks on hands. I sew. Therefore…


  3. AH! crafters hands! what beautiful hands they are, even if they do cramp up in the middle of a hat or scarf or baby blanket, and even if they do get so dry that the yarn running across the tips of your fingers makes you feel like you do when someone drags their nails on a chalk board…. Beautiful crafters hands!!!


  4. Knitter’s Knuckle? I sew don’t get that….


  5. poor baby. I thought it was from sucking your thumb so much.
    Sorry I haven’t commented a lot lately…I have been enjoying our warm fall weather and have been outside every spare moment. I am wayyyyy behind in reading my fav blogs and in doing frequent blogposts…but I can’t help it. The weather here will turn cold soon, so I am trying to suck up the last breath of warmth outside on our lake while I still can.
    Hang in there, and good thing you are knitting. I will need mittens here soon!


  6. Posted by Kamryn on September 10, 2009 at 2:09 am

    Dude. You’re so hard core. You should definitely be President of Knitting.


  7. Posted by Jaime Williamson on September 10, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    This is way off subject, but HOW do you write on your photos like that? So cute (unlike your knitter knuckle)!!


  8. I have pointer and thumb fatigue from playing bubble spinner too much…at least your battle wounds have a relevant outcome!


  9. You are way to funny. …….. I guess it’s funny because that is us also…….


  10. Hey. Fiber One Granola bars rock. AND they work. #truestory 🙂 I LOVE this “Keyboard COnfessions”… I have “The Confessional” prolly due to my Catholic background. But I like yours better. *sticks tongue out* Not fair. 🙂


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