Keyboard Confessions

1.  I stayed up until 1:00 last night.

2.  I’ll bet you’re thinking I live a glamorous and exciting life and you’re envious of my late nights.

3.  I was finishing this:



4.  Um, yeah, that toe wasn’t supposed to be purple.  That’s called “ran out of yarn at 12:30 a.m. and while muttering inane cussing under my breath I locate semi-matching yarn” method. 

5.  My sock now fits an elephantine leg.  I shall wear it proudly.

6.  Except, now I have to knit the other sock.  Ugh.

7.  This one sock has been a 2 month endeavor.  Seeing as how I put my newly started sock up for 1 1/2 months.

8.  Everyone thinks I took a trip down to Orlando from Adventures with Edward

9.  Actually, the pictures came from WendiWinn

10.  Now imagine her standing in line to see Mickey Mouse and having him pose with an Edward doll.


12.  *wipes eyes* oh man, I would’ve loved to have been there.

13.  I wonder what that guy in the Mickey suit came home and told his family?

14.  “Kids, stay away from drugs.  And Twilight dolls.  Seriously.”

15.  This year, one daughter has Mrs. Thomas as a teacher, the other daughter Mrs. Thompson.

16. Yeah, I’ll never get those confused.

17.  That’s ok, they all think my name is Karissa anyways.

18.  I drank 3 Diet Cokes yesterday.

19.  I can practically hear the kidney stones forming.

20.  Excuse me, I need to file my heels.  What?  You don’t keep a heel file in your desk at work?


11 responses to this post.

  1. My Friday’s are for naught until I read your keyboard confessions…


  2. dear disney bouncer for pluto. i was not promoting a movie! you take your job way too seriously! and look! i got pics with mickey anyway! i don’t need pluto as much. so eat that! also. thank you for not throwing me out of the park when i started to raise my voice. love, me.

    i filed my heels last night. it’s a necessity. also. they don’t take heel files away from you on the plane. not that i fly. just sayin’.


  3. Foot filing ruins my obsession for Parmesan cheese, but, I’ll probably eat it for lunch today anyway…

    Do you think Mickey ever takes that costume off? I wouldn’t…


  4. I used to work with an engineer that would clip his toenails in his office and I could hear from my cubicle. And in meetings he’d pick his teeth with a fork and eat the remnants, and clip his fingernails. So you filing your feet at the office, it feels like home. home sweet home. save some skin flakes for me. I need it for the Kearsie Doll I am making.


  5. Laughing ….


  6. Posted by Carrie on August 7, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    🙂 I love your sock! and yes, I was wondering how the conversation went with the whole Mickey holding the doll thing lol 20 reminds me I need to file mine too


  7. Posted by KRISTI on August 7, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    oh kearsie…after a week of my’re still funny. i miss you girls! 🙂


  8. I can see WendiWinn doing that. I wonder if she wore her mustache disguise. You know, so everyone knew that she wasn’t insane… just “famous”.

    Oh! And adorable sock. I like the purple toe area. 🙂


  9. Posted by Shanon Matheny on August 8, 2009 at 1:33 am

    The purple toe on the sock looks wonderful Klarissa. And I don’t think 3 Diet Cokes will give you kidney stones. But I could be wrong. It happened once before. LOL


  10. Your posts are really nice… I liked your style of putting things in short. Its refreshing.


  11. The socks are so awesome, I saw the pair and I’m way impressed! And I love the purple toe. My late nights are usually consumed by video games, your way sounds much more productive.

    I had a ton of sodas this weekend, I don’t even know how many. My rule is I don’t buy them for the house, so I never drink them at home, but my mom was in town, so I ate out for about every meal for 3 or 4 days. But 3 doesn’t sound like a lot to me anyways. I think I used to have a serious problem. 😉

    Good luck with the teachers, that doesn’t sound fair to do to a parent at all!


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