Keyboard Confessions

1.  Twitter is down this morning.

2.  I am trying not to panic.

3.  Because it is rather boring, but I must have it.

4.  I’m thinking there could be a new anti-drug slogan: “Don’t do drugs, kids, just get on Twitter instead.”

5.  Somehow, I don’t think it’ll catch on.

6.  I dreamed of RT Twitters last night.  They all had to do with gardening.

7.  That is totally laughable, because I will kill you if you’re plant matter. 

8.  Man, I’m kind of scared of myself.  I sound so bad “I will kill you if you’re plant matter”.

9.  Now I’m chanting that in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. “I will keel you if you ahr plant mattah!”

10.  Not really, folks.

11.  I wonder when Twitter will be up?

12.  Actually, it’s bad, because when I get on there, there won’t be any Twitters for me, which is just another version of ignoring me.

13.  I found a bug bite on my arm.  I didn’t notice it until yesterday.

14. It kind of freaked me out.  I don’t recall any bugs being near me.  Or biting me.

15.  So that only leaves one option…it bit me when I was sleeping.  *creeped out*

16.  This week, the diet yo-yo is working.  I lost five pounds.

17.  Don’t congratulate me, folks, this is the five pounds I gained last week.

18.  Hmm, is Twitter up yet?

19.  I’m planning to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince next week.

20.  My BFF is going to send me a Gryffindor scarf.  I know, I know…dorkness.

21.  I watched Pump Up The Volume last night.

22.  I forget all those old cheesy movies Christian Slater was in.

23.  It totally made me want to watch Gleaming the Cube.

24.  Or Heathers

25.  Twitter is up!

Happy Friday.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. gleaming the cube makes me sad. mainly because the asian chick can’t act. i wish she had fallen out of the car and rolled into the woods never to be found again. i hope she doesn’t read your blog. that would be awkward.

    i want more followers on twitter. i mean. i think i’m chicken hilarious. and i want to share my humoritizement with everyone. yes, huh.

    i think harry potter may have put a slight crimp in our closeness.


  2. oh. and i wanted to follow governor arnie on twitter. but he’s all about california this, politics that. etc. i’m looking for more of “i’ll be back. on twitter. and. i follow wendiwinn. she is so funneh”.


  3. I went to read this all on Twitter and it wasn’t there. No I didn’t. Psh.



  4. Posted by Kristi on July 10, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    i still don’t understand twitter…although i try. && i’m TOTALLY jealous of the Griffindor scarf…&& i’m pumped about the movie too! MUST.FANDANGO.TICKETS.NOW.


  5. I heart Twitter.
    I heart your keyboard confessions too.
    I confess they make me laugh.
    And sometimes I snort.
    Don’t judge.


  6. Bug bites in the middle of the night????
    I am sure it was just your hubby nibbling on you!


  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who occasionally gets obsessed with things…like Twitter.


  8. How come I didn’t see this when it was posted originally? I’m gonna have to talk with my GoogleReader about this! Bad reader…bad!

    So it looks like someone is addicted to Twitter. I was sooo against it but it seems as if I like it. I”m there a lot. I reply a lot. I might kind of be addicted to it too. Screw me!

    I love Christian Slater, have you seen Mobsters with him and Patrick Dempsey? I rewatched that a few weeks back and drooled. I loved C.S. growing up and I love P.D. now.

    How come my husband doesn’t look like the dudes I drool over?


  9. Twitter is down every damn morning. Recently it has been down more than it has been up. LOL.


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