Social Networking Time Line (The unofficial research tool brought to you by Kearsie)

1.  Cavemen grunts

It was complicated and no one understood anything.  Everyone sounded angry. 

2.  Village Messengers

It took ages.  And ages. Plus I’ll bet messengers lost messages sometimes and had to make them up. 

3.  Boats

Also took ages.  And there were rickets.  And perhaps letters sank into the ocean.

4.  Horse Messengers

There was a whole lotta poop to deal with.  And it took ages.  Letters probably stank like the poo, too.

5.  Mail

Also known as Snail Mail.  Although, it was probably cutting edge back there. 

6.  Telegraphs

This took mad skills with Morse Code.  And lots of use of the word STOP.  If you are in trouble and do “Help me!” in Morse Code, I will have no idea what you are doing and just think some woodpecker is loose somewhere, just so you know.

7.  Telephones

Telephones brought a new malady known as “Cauliflower Ear”.  And costly telephone bills.

8.  Email

Suddenly, the idea of connecting with several folks at once became popular.  This is known today as “Spam”.  Viagra is really keen on this idea.  And they’re real braggy.

9.  Instant Messenging

Emoticons, Audibles, cute typing things like LOL, BRB, TTYL…a whole new world of abbreviations.

10.  Myspace

This was the place.  Free layouts, folks could see your pictures, hootchie mamas and daddies did their hootchie thing.  We all got good on those self portraits…it was cool for awhile. 

11.  Facebook

Allegedly much cooler than Myspace, until they changed the layout.  None of us liked the change.  However, none of us can remember what it looked like before the change, so.  Facebook rules, except for chat. 

12.  Twitter

Twitter.  It’s the new drug.  It’s basically waiting around for someone to write something.  It’s a land of one-liners.  It’s actually pretty boring.  And horrifically addictive.  Excuse me, I must go see if anyone has updated anything in the last 20 minutes. 


** Dude, I have no idea if these are in order.  Don’t harsh on my make believe history time line.


Also, I’m featured on Oh I Love That! today as their guest blogger!


6 responses to this post.

  1. hahahaahah!

    grunting. good times.



  2. hahahaha I agree with Twitter thing xD
    Nice. The caveman grunts. LMAO


  3. Hee. Hee. Hee. Facebook layout, so true. So true. Still not sure I “get” Twitter, but sometimes people make me laugh and so I stay. You know, when I talk on the phone, which is rarely now, I get so much done. I weed. I fold laundry. I tidy up. I should go back to that, but I need a bigger, older phone that I can hold btwn shoulder and ear. Have you picked up an “old” phone lately? They just feel right. Mine hangs up if I put pressure in the wrong spot.


    • Posted by soundsliketomatoes on July 8, 2009 at 8:18 pm

      I use my cell phone. I would not recommend doing the between shoulder and ear thing usign your iPhone while cleaning the toilet. Not if you want your husband to shout. Or panic. I’m just sayin.


  4. So noted!


  5. Posted by Your cousin on July 15, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    You forgot usenet!


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