Let’s get literal

I have no funny today.  Or yesterday.  Or the day before.  Tis too hot to be funny.  Or laugh.  I must just loll about languishing and hankering for Diet Coke baths and Italian Ices. 


Instead of forcing you to endure inane thoughts, I shall let the fine makers at Dustfilms bring the funny for me.


Here is one of my favorites:

3 responses to this post.

  1. OMG, that video was hilarious.


  2. hahahaha!

    still like the rick astley one better. i mean. c’mon. it’s rick astley. and his shadow.

    please do not hanker for a diet coke bath. you’ll just end up sticky. and fakingly sweet. but not.


  3. hahahahahahaha, this was so funny. I watched it twice this morning and now I’m back again so I can show the wizard. FUNNY!

    And um..


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