Monday, the day of suckage

It is always oh, so fun to start the day off with your drive shaft coming undone on your morning commute.  Thank God I wasn’t hurdling down the road or on a major highway.  Thank God the guy who pulled up next to me was a mechanic and didn’t mind writhing around under the car getting filthy and greasy to jerry rig it up so I could get home.  Thank God we have an extra vehicle. 


To celebrate our anniversary, Lance and I went to see Angels and Demons and grab some fondue at The Melting Pot.  Angels and Demons was just okay.  I might like the book better.  The Melting Pot was oisome.  Except I wished I hadn’t eaten anything for about 9 hours before dining.  Seriously, I felt like fondue was coming out of my ears I was so full. 

My daughter Addie drew some anniversary pictures for us, to get us in the mood for celebrating.

Picture 006

 We did, indeed Go! Out Too Eat and Go! To the Movie and “Do Cisis” (kisses).

Then she drew pictures of us.  Here’s me:

Picture 007

 I tried to not take it personally that I am portly.  And holding ice cream.  And have ears the size of dinner plates.

Then she drew Lance:

Picture 008


I suppose from her perspective as a short kid, we are both kind of rotundly. 

To soften the blow of her Truth Drawing, she gave us this:

Picture 009


Here’s hoping your Monday is better than mine.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Aw, I love the drawings of you guys. You’re my kind o’ gal, cause you walk around carrying an ice cream cone for no apparent reason.

    Happy Anniversary – Sorry to hear about your car troubles. Sounds expensive to fix.


  2. Sorry you’re having such a lousy Monday. I hope looking at those drawings perks you up some, those are so precious. 🙂


  3. Posted by completelyinspired on June 15, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    oh kearsie. i’m sorry about your rough morning. :/ that little addie is so precious. && i told you the melting pot is fabulous! (i should have told you to ask for sherman [we like him.] && ask to sit in “lover’s lane”) i’m glad you had a nice time on your anniversary!


  4. Posted by thelonelyeskimo on June 16, 2009 at 1:59 am

    Bwahahaha!! I LOVE the “do kisses.” Hope the car troubles are easily fixed!


  5. Posted by Aunt Shanon on June 16, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    On the bright side, you have extreamly long, thin legs.


  6. Awwww the “cisis” was adorable! I’m glad that you and Lance had a great time together on your anniversary! Do you have any pictures of the two of you together on this date!?! Hmmmmmm

    As for your drive shaft that really sucks but you must of had an angel near you because you are right, it could have happened while on the high way. My differential (sp?) fell off my Durango a few years as just as I was stupidly missing my entrance onto the highway. Had I gotten on the highway and started 120kmph I could have been very dead…and dead isn’t a look I fancy on myself!


  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Those drawings were adorable. I love kids. A couple years ago I was at my friend Candice’s house, & her family had just gotten a Wii. They decided to make me a character, a Mii apparently…and her little brother said, “No, she’s not that skinny. Make her bigger.”

    Wow. Kids are mean. But I still love them!

    PS-I have started up my blog again! It’s been about a week now I guess. Thanks for worrying about me Mama 🙂


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