Confessions de la Keyboard

1. I’ve been reading this series called Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison.

2. I adore these books. Also, what does it say about me that most of my favorite books are considered young adult literature?

3. Except, I’m a wee bit irritated with my beloved Britons as they have not released the DVD for Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging in English format.

4. That’s just wrong.  And sacre bleu and triple merde.  And poo.

5. However, to be fair, no telling how many Britons are cussing us Americans for not having Breakin II: Electric Boogaloo only on American DVD. So. 

(Editor’s note:  don’t even be frontin like you didn’t watch Breakin II.  Also, I have no idea if Breakin II is only on American DVD.  This is an example.)

6. I am wearing a skirt today. That in itself is a bit strange.

7. However, I have not shaved in exactly 90 gagillion days.

(Editor’s note: it has not been 90 gagillion days. More like three. Still gross, though.)

8. I have now been without a Reese’s Cup for precisely 87 squillion hours.  It turns out I can survive without them. 

9.  I like this new format for my blog, but is it just me or is the font all squished up so it lookslikethisandisreallyhardtoread?

10.  Please, discuss if the format is crap.  I live to please you fine readers.

11.  My babysitter for the girls this summer makes them read every day.  I love her. 

12.  In fact, she may be a better parent than I am.

13.  I’m pretty sure that song Pass the Dutchie is totally about smoking pot. 

14.  Can you keep up with my randomosity?  I am full of spontaneousness.

15.  Which is why my wardrobe consists of the same items, just different colors. 

16.  I’m hoping that my clothing choices prove that I am an artistic type who can’t be bothered with mundane details like my clothing.  Or shaving my legs on a regular basis. 

17.  But I do wear deoderant.  Every day.  Must not be a stinky artist. 

18.  Alabama is stinky.  Like cheese.  Seriously.  It smells here.

19.  I am surrounded by post-its.

20.  They are a daily essential.  Like vitamins.  And water.  I might shrivel up and float away without them.


Happy Friday.


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7 responses to this post.

  1. yes, “pass…on de lef ‘and side”…to the little children…so we can get arrested…that’s rasta-scary man…

    I thinks the blog looks great and despite the randomicity is very easy to read! 😉

    Yes you have earned an extra entry.

    Breakin II should be banned in all countries, but, I will keep my copy.

    What? No mention of the S.T.? I am hurt, sort of…


  2. Posted by Carrie on June 5, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    1. I started reading the Georgia Nicholson books years ago!!! I had almost forgotten how awesome they are. 🙂 Glad you found them.

    2. I like the new layout. It doesn’t seeem to squishallthewordstogether. At least to me. But then again. I’m young. And I have good vision.

    3. Also, I adore you. 😉


  3. i don’t know what breakin’ ii is. but it sounds like something a skin tag would do.

    pigs still eat people.


  4. OHmygosh, I think I remember watching Electric Boogaloo. Was that the one that they had to win a break dance competition in order to save the community center or something of the like?

    I bet skin tags can’t break dance.


  5. Posted by robin on June 6, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    if you think alabama smells like stinky cheese then try wisconsin. it reeeeks of stinkyy cheese. and skunks.

    love the new format. good show kears. good show.

    anyways. (heh heh)


  6. yes people yeeeeeeessssssssss! keep speaking of the skin tag! Kearsie seems to think we will all be offended/grossed out by it/not be able to handle it.

    keep wearing this one down y’all…



  7. Should I be ashamed that when I read you hadn’t shaved in 3 days and were worried about it, I laughed. Out loud. And I wear skirts MOST of the time…It’s been at least a week.

    And um…the last walk I took, the last little stretch, I said to my husband…I shoulda remembered deodorant.

    And what are skin tags?


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