New underwear for my blog

You might have noticed a slight change on this here blog.  I changed the theme, because somehow it got all whacked out and when I contacted WordPress with a “Help! Help! Help!” all I got was crickets chirping.  So.  It was time to take matters into my own hands.  And that meant changing the theme.  Which is a wee bit like changing underwear.  Ever wear a pair of underwear and even though you’ve worn them ninety gagillion times in the past, they just don’t fit right anymore?  And they make a VPL (Visible Panty Line) and you’re all irritated and mumbling motivator under your breath and you just decide to do away with the old underwear and slip on some new ones? 


Just nod so I feel better.


My feely good feelings from my weekend out have now morphed into dealing with The Fog.  Seriously, being a woman is like punishment.  What did I do to the world?  I’m done having kids, so why should I be forced to undergo the whole “The Body Shall No Longer Keep The Baby Making Stuff For The Month But You Still Have Next Month So Don’t Worry” process? 


Sorry, rant over. 


In other bloggy news, my buddies and pals (technically I’m only a buddy and pal of one or three of them) from Oh!  I Love That! are having a giveaway of a sock monkey and he is a cutie patootie.  So is my friend Shauna from Lemon Drop Studios.  Hers is a beautiful skein of Superwash Merino and Silk yarn ( I want it, I must have it, I need it, I’m jonesing for it, it shall be mine….)  And so am I.  Seriously, reading all these blogs means you can win free stuff.  We’re like reading with benefits.  So get to reading and entering.  And pray I win that Merino and Silk yarn.


7 responses to this post.

  1. you’re simply the best. I love your blog’s new undies. They are slimming and smell like new cotton. I think I just went too far…


    thanks for the shout-out – and I entered the other giveaways and know I will not ever win, but I participated, because don’t they say that participation is half the fun? Or did I just make that up.

    The Fog is hanging over my head like a big nasty cloud of dumb, mean and awful with a splash of acid rain and pollution. Sometimes I want to be a dude. Or post-menopausal.



  2. AHA! Looks great! As practical as boy shorts, and as sexy as a thong! Ummm…


  3. I like it! ….

    As for The Fog, aka the thing which must never be named per DH, I feel ya! I tell DH on a regular basis that I really just wish sometimes that I were a male.. Course, he poo-poos that idea on grounds that we would not have gotten married and had our angel, and his logic makes me soooo angry cuz I was just being cranky and facetious, and his logic just RUINS it! lol (and then I mentally picture a punch to his gut just for good measure cuz there is no arguing with logic.. bleh)


  4. Nice new undies! New undies are the best. Except when you buy the same brand you always do and they are too small, and they are expensive. Then you might mutter “motivator” and toss them aside. But mostly, new undies are refreshing!


  5. I think these new undies are great! They don’t ride up, and no wedgies! Visually pleasing, as well.


  6. Loverly new undies. Very sleek and streamlined. And you’re right, the vertical lines ARE slimming. 🙂


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