Keyboard Confessions, by Insanity Kim

While I’m basking in the steamy and exotic winds of Florida, my buddy Kim, from Insanity Kim agreed to my begging and pleading kind request to do today’s Keyboard Confessions, or “KC” for those in the know. Or the dorks who like to abbreviate stuff. Ahem. Anyways, thanks again Kim! And I’ll be back in the blogosphere on Monday with a giveaway so come back and visit!


1. Kearsie asked me to do these confessions for her while she is gone, I feel honored, but kinda scared.

2. Not of her, just in general I guess.

3. I can’t tell if I perform better under pressure. What do you think? Discuss…

4. I have a thing about eyebrows.

5. I am happy Kearsie got hers waxed.

6. I told her what to do about the hair on her lip, but, I won’t tell you…

7. Heh heh.

8. Sometimes I check Kearsie’s blog twice a day, even though I know there isn’t anything new on it.

9. That day I mean, not like, in general…

10. But, I don’t go back and read past posts. That’s lame.

11. You all need to go back and read her past posts, or you’re lame too…

12. I think the keyboard emits, “The Guilt”.

13. *Wallowing in The Guilt*

14. I am curious about Kearsie’s skin tag, aren’t you?

15. Sorta tired of boogers…more intrigued about skin tags…

16. Hey I know! If this lame post gets 35 comments, she has to write about her skin tag! Think we can all do it?!

17. So, don’t make me comment on my own post like, 35 times. But, I will if I have to.

18. I at least know her sis will back me up on this one.

19. Feeling “The Guilt” again…

20. If she actually posts this, then that means she REALLY likes me.

Love ya Kearsie, dearly not queerly…


37 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Carrie on May 29, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    Well done Kim!!! Also, bring on the skin tags.


  2. Wow. I waited all day. Was the post THAT BAD, people? Does NO ONE want to read about Kearsie’s skin tag? Sorry Kears, I failed you, and I failed in my attempt to force you to write about your skin tag. SOB!

    BUT…I shall comment 33 more times tomorrow…thanks for the support Carrie (fist thump 2 times to the chest)


  3. Posted by Kamryn on May 30, 2009 at 2:08 am

    Skin tag, skin tag, skin tag!!! This is like Kearsie’s poopie cow story. It’s so dang hilarious she needs to share it with the world.


  4. Oh, yes. The skin tag MUST be discussed.


  5. Posted by robin on May 30, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    good job kimmy kim kim!


  6. how comes everyone is calling you kimmy kim kim? you = kimmy. not you = kearsie.

    i’m doing the = thing now. she started it. she = kearsie. not she = you. with you still =ing kimmy.

    you did a good job. you = kimmy.

    i miss kearsie. where is she? oh. there she is. with me.


  7. i already know the skin tag story.


  8. i don’t need to hear the skin tag story again.


  9. i mean. it’s not that i don’t *want* to hear it again.


  10. it’s just that i already know it.


  11. oh. it’s good.


  12. the skin tag story.


  13. i meant to put that all on one line.

    oh. it’s good. the skin tag story.


  14. i wonder if kearsie will still like me after this weekend.


  15. that last comment has nothing to do with the skin tag story.


  16. man. but if that last last comment did have something to do with the skin tag story. man. that would be soooome story.


  17. oh. and i know what you told her to do to lip hair. it’s because you told me to do the same thing.


  18. actually. the lip hair process and the skin tag story are close in theory.


  19. oh man. i just scared myself for a minute.


  20. like my thinking scared me. not like my gas.


  21. oh shoot. i wasn’t supposed to type “not like my gas”.


  22. hmmm. should i be addressing these comments to kearsie or to kimmy?


  23. that last comment was me thinking aloud again. like i did before about the gas. except. i meant to type the last comment down.


  24. pigs eat people.


  25. sometimes i just blurt the truth out like that. it’s harsh. but it’s necessary.


  26. heh. i just realized that kearsie and kimmy both start with “k”s. that’s two “k”s. my name has two “w”s.


  27. pigs eat people.

    (i just wanted to say that again. and that alone. but when i pushed “submit comment”, wordpress was all like “dude. you already said that.” and i’m like. “well, duh. i wanted to say it again for the effect.” but wordpress didn’t answer back. so i’m like putting this parenthesis underneat the statement so that wordpress won’t reject my comment again.)


  28. i originally had something else to say here. you know. after the whole second “pigs eat people” comment. but the effect was ruined. and the ruin trickled down to this comment.


  29. “skin tag” has no double letter thing going on.


  30. i’m sleepy. and gassy.

    i’ll pick this up again tomorrow. maybe.


  31. oh dern! i did it again with the whole “gassy” thing. it was supposed to be ‘i’m sleepy. and goodnight.”


  32. oh man. you already have 31 comments.


  33. in this case, you = kearsie *and* you = kimmy.


  34. hmmm… why wasn’t i asked to guest blog? man. now i’m hurt. like totally.


  35. maybe i’ll be asked to guest blog about the skin tag story. who knows?

    the only thing we *do* know is that there will be one. a skin tag story that is. because. this comment right here. that makes 35.


  36. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! I fricken LOVE this! Skin tag is being featured!


  37. Posted by everydaycreate on June 1, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    I think the guilt works for you. Woohoo!


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