Leavin on a jet plane…

I am on my way to the humid land of Florida to meet with a bunch of ladies and attempt to quell my mouth from saying inane things like BOOGERS and instead fill their minds with good things, like the Bible.  It’s like Social Turret’s.  I might need medication.

Tomorrow, I shall have a guest blogger.  I shan’t say who it is.  I shall instead, let it be a surprise.  Just think of it as Christmas in May.

Merry Christmas.


3 responses to this post.

  1. When I read your post, I thought you wrote “Tomorrow, I shall have a guest booger.”

    It appears that I suffer from Booger Turrets.

    Hope you have a good trip.


  2. Safe travels!


  3. I weeped the whole time you were gone, mainly because I wanted to be there. Or to be invited to be there. So then I could feel cool and say, ‘nah, i will pass, just too busy’ or really just mean ‘nope, too broke’. looks like you ‘ladies’ had fun!


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