Search Engine Terms

Tis time for another glimpse into the minds of the weirdos fine people who stumble upon this here blog.


permed afro hairstyle for white women

Now, what strikes me as funny is TWO different people googled that and hit my blog.  Because I have a permed afro hairstyle for a white woman.  Or because of this picture:


can nads be used on nostril hair?



why do birds keep pooping on my car?

For the same reason they poop on mine, because it looks like a public toilet to them.


do I have to floss everyday?

Well, not according to the dental hygenist lady who cleaned my teeth…


twilight my husband breath

Erm, well, hmm…


ugliest girl

Dang, that’s just cold. 


she sound like man

Only in the mornings, I assure you.


I’m afraid of scary movies, what do I do?

Well, inquisitive friend, I think you might consider NOT watching them.  Aren’t I so smart?


hoot mullet fingers’ head

Put the crack pipe down, my friend.  We can get you some help.


bad girls in handcuffs

No no, see, it was my husband in the handcuffs


kearsie likes porn


(Editor’s note:  I TOTALLY don’t like porn.  This is a joke.  A bad one.  By my sister.)


I say me name

I say me name too.  K-EAR-see


tla 4ever

OMG, I totally LYLAS for saying that.  Dearly, not queerly.


4 responses to this post.

  1. How dare they? Anyone who calls you a “ugliest girl” is a MOTIVATOR.


  2. HAHAHAH! I love this. I never get cool er, weird searches. Great post. Why weren’t there any skin tag searches??? Hmmmm….


  3. man. that’s awesome. the only search i get is “garbage eater”.


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