Keyboard Confessions, the short version

1.  It’s been a good hair week.  In fact, It’s been a good hair weeks.  This is a first.  Also, that is really bad grammar.

2.  I’m thinking the hair is in awe of the sexay eyebrows and are in deep smit, thus it is tameable.

3.  The acne is clearing up too.  It only took drinking 90 gazillion gallons of water. 

4.  But I peed quite a bit.  Getting rid of pimples has been a time consuming process.

5.  Alas, one day I shall write something that has nothing to do with pimples, boogers or … oh, who’m I kidding?

6.  In one week, I shall be breathing the steamy fumes of Florida hangin with my homies.  Well, technically, I’m only homies with a few of them. 

7.  The rest of the folks I don’t know so there will be that painful “getting to know each other” stuff, where I try not to say the words CRACK, PORN or BOOGERS too often.  I tend to say bizarre things like that around strangers.  True story.  It’s a miracle I have friends and I’m married. 

8.  While I have been maintaining my hair and eyebrows and using face powder, I have completely forgotten about my toenails and heels.  I shall soon have to hone and buff and polish, else I shall resemble Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber. 

9.  I’m pretty sure that Spongebob is Kid’s Crack.  My kids are addicted.  Also, I challenge you to turn on Spongebob and then leave the room and listen to the dialogue and not want to poke out your eardrums.  Go ahead, try it.

10.  Dang, I have to go.  I drank quite a bit of water this morning.  You know what that means.


Happy Friday.


5 responses to this post.

  1. A good hair/eyebrow/skin week(s)! Those are the best ever. I just washed my hair and had to fix it after the big cut for the first time the day before yesterday(ya, that’s how I roll) and it was so much easier to fix on my own than I expected. I’m feeling pretty good about that.

    My nails all got chopped yesterday, it was bad. BAD.

    I’ve only seen Spongebob once. I remember it being bad. BAD. My niece’s and nephews only ever get to watch movies here, from my own collection(yes, I have a huge collection of kids movies that I watch even when they’re not here). I don’t think they even realize our tv does anything but play movies and games. I’m trying very hard to keep it that way.

    It’s nice, as aunt I can be way stricter than mommy, they listen and I’m still cool. Did I mention I have 7 nieces and nephews?! I think we’re good on kids for a while.


    • Posted by soundsliketomatoes on May 22, 2009 at 6:15 pm

      Yeah, I started out with all kinds of high standards like “my kids shall only eat nice healthy things for breakfast”. It only took having no milk or cereal or anything breakfasty for my kids to eat things like licorice for breakfast. It was the same way with TV. I’m still being firm on no running with scissors, though, so.


      • Posted by Karen on May 28, 2009 at 6:56 am

        I can sooooo relate to those standards that just quite aren’t so understandable after the 2nd child comes around. I managed to avoid SpongeBob until this winter. It’s nice to know that Ryan didn’t have the connection until he was 4, but that Caitlyn can manage to say something mildly distinguishable as SpongeBob Squarepants – and she turns 2 on Friday.

  2. 1. On your head? (Just to be clear, you may want to specify).
    2. See comment above (again).
    3. The acne is feeling better? I hope it liked its swim.
    4. You are not supposed to pee on pimples. Besides if the pimples are on your face, can I watch how its done?
    5. One can only hope.
    6. Florida in the middle of June? Suicidal?
    7. We have no real proof that you are really married.
    8. Or Howard Hughes?
    9. What???? I can’t hear you.
    10. Depends are a good thing.


  3. I say the dumbest things to new people. And, I was going to comment on an earlier post b/c I have had good hair for the first time in months. I think it’s the return of humidity. Have a good trip.


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