Happy Blog Anniversary to meeeeee

Is it an anniversary? or a birthday?  Hmm.


Either way, a year ago today, I wrote my very first blog.  It was short.  It was simple.  It didn’t get much action.  But it got me going, and for a year I’ve been writing.  190 posts, over 1600 comments and lots of blog buddies.


I have learned a whole lot on this tiny journey.  I learned:

* Creativity is the best release.  It has staved off the madness.

* Loyal commenters are the oisomest.  I am so grateful for your words.

* Writer’s block is lame.  And way more frequent than I thought.

* Reese’s Cups are fattening agents of the devil. 

* Typing with long nails sucks.  Dang I wish I had nail clippers with me.

…and a whole bunch of other stuff, I’m sure. 


Up until now, I have written about whatever struck my fancy:  hair woes, nostril hair woes, facial hair woes, my kids, my marriage, pirates, new underwear –  just to name a few.  Now here’s your chance.  Leave me a suggestion on something you’d like me to write about in the future and I’ll do it.  *Gulp* 

I promise it won’t be like this:



Well… promise is kind of a strong word. 

Thank you all for reading, for laughing, for commenting, for being a part of this experiment in creativity.  I heart you all.  Muah.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Happy Birthversary! 🙂 I haven’t been reading you for a year or anything but the couple of months I’ve been following have been great! I love your writing and its very humourous. I find myself laughing…a lot….and getting odd looks from my co-workers.

    I for one would like to read a blog when you are mad. Like really mad. Not irked, not ticked but freaking pissed. I don’t know if you have it in you to be a raging ranting blogger!! But it would be very very interesting!


  2. YAY and congratulations! I, for one, am sure glad to have found your little internet home, you always manage to brighten my day and crack me up.

    I’ve been a bad blogger the last week or so, we have a serious amount of news to share, but I can’t post anything on the internet until I visit my grandparents in the next two days and tell them. (SO NOT A BABY if that’s what you’re thinking)(I’m sure that’s what my family would think)

    I think that suggestion box would be quite gratifying personally…have a suggestion for me? I have the perfect place for it!

    Off to have a Reece’s bunny now, thanks a lot! 😛


  3. Can you write about that Ed Cullman guy? And about that movie he’s in? What is it called…um, Twizzler? Toi-let? And please, tell me how you really feel…


  4. Posted by thelonelyeskimo on May 13, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    You know what I want you to write about. I hope to have more time on my hands for my blog soon. I’ll write my story if you write yours. 🙂


  5. I like your blog just the way it is, with you writing about whatever, especially the little list things you do while in your cubicle. Just keep up with what you’re doing now-very entertaining!


  6. no no…Thank YOU…your blog has entertained me and has always made me smile…keep up the good work!
    I have no suggestions for ideas except maybe something on sex.
    haha Now you gotta!


  7. Happy Blogaversary!


  8. You are so funny. I’m glad I know you. Happy Anniversary.

    Well, I’m glad I’m a facebook friend with you…… You know what I mean.


  9. Oh yeah, I totally agree with The Retired One. Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex. What could be funnier? I’m officially requesting a post(s) on sex, like (a) how to do it, (b) how to get out of it.

    Much obliged.


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