Famousosity, again

When you have a bizarre and unusual name like KEARSIE, it’s not often you come across someone or something with this name.

So it is with much pride and joy that I introduce you to Jenny Bunny Creations, where you will find gorgeous and affordable handmade jewelry and a necklace named after me.


A simple lariat of antique brass and textured glass beads.

Kearsie is a friend of mine. She’s sweet, simple, smart and a little different just like this necklace!

32 inches from bead to bead.

So head to Jenny Bunny Creations and check this bad boy out!!  Also, come on people, do me proud and make the sales of this stellar creation the best Jenny’s ever had!
Head to Insanity Kim’s for a giveaway featuring this book:


This post will tell you how to enter.  I think there’s some talk about the back of the bus and an inner mobster.  Sounds intriguing, no?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet…

    Love the necklace, love the book, love you.

    Peace out.


  2. Awww, how cool! And you are a very pretty necklace. 🙂


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