Paying it forward

Last month, my dear friend Insanity Kim did a giveaway on her blog.  It was a Pay It Forward giveaway and I was a winner.  The rules were to comment and commit to doing a giveaway of something I had.  I got this awesome Scrabble tile necklace:

It says LAUGH.  I love it.

It says LAUGH. I love it.

So, in order to fulfill my end of the giveaway, I must do a giveaway for you, my wonderful readers.

The first 3 people to comment and promise to pay it forward, I shall send you some handmade hand-knitted goodies.  I shan’t tell you what it is, it shall be a surprise. 

Also, please leave me a safe way to contact you.  Nothing like behind the Piggly Wiggly at midnight, preferrably your email so I can contact you privately for your mailing address. 

And if you don’t host a blog like this one here, you can still participate.  Just pay it forward in your own special way.  Leave a bigger tip, open doors for folks who won’t even thank you, tell someone how much you appreciate them.  There are lots of ways to pay it forward.



Update!  We have three winners!

Kim D.

The Funny Sister

and Amy!

You are now the owners of 2 hand-knitted face scrubbies!  They are 4 inches x 4 inches, knitted with 4.5 mm needles and made with machine washable cotton.  Enjoy!

Here’s a pic of your prize:

Face scrubbies

Face scrubbies

Thanks for playing!

5 responses to this post.

  1. I can promise to pay it forward by baking something or homemade cards.


  2. I promise to pay it forward. You know how to reach me.


  3. Posted by Amy on March 4, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    I promise to pay it forward, too!


  4. you did yours. i did mine. we are looking. mighty fine.

    and break it down.

    beat box.

    the end.


  5. How fun and what a good idea. You are so sweet to think of doing this! Its okay that I was on the road and wasn’t one of your first three commentors…I just think it was a sweet idea!


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