Oh dear

Addie:  Mommy, I can’t wait to be married.

Me:  Oh really?  What kind of man do you want to marry?

Addie:  Someone like Daddy.

Me:   Good idea.  Why can’t you wait to get married?

Addie:  So I can kiss him like this- *pulls lower lip down to chin and sticks out her tongue*.

Me: …

6 responses to this post.


    I am locking my daughter up…no more Disney movies…

    You and Lance need to stop kissing in front of the kids too…ewwwww.

    HAHAHA!!! Sorry to torture you! 😉


  2. Oh my, sounds like you’re gonna have your hands full for a while!


  3. oh my. wow. at least she knows what she wants.


  4. ps – can you tell her kisses like that happen more when you’re dating, once you’re married, not so much.


  5. kissing is full of germs. tell her she might as well just lick the floor at school. she’d get the same result.


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