What’s mine is yours

Me: Addie, please get off my bed with your marker.

Addie: It’s not your bed. It’s Daddy’s. He bought it.

Me: Well what’s his is mine.

Addie: And what’s yours is his?

Me: That’s right.

Addie: Then I guess Daddy has a lot of makeup.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Pink lip gloss

    Purple eyeshadow

    Mauve blush

    And a boyfriend named Steve…


  2. Among other things….



  3. Yes indeed. Can’t wait until she finds your (ahem) “feminine products”. haha


  4. hahahahaha, that’s a clever girl you have!


  5. please tell daddy to give me back my shimmer glitter pink blush lip gloss i let you borrow last year.


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