Not to be confused with the song.  Or the computer program thingy.

I dream a lot.  I dream every night and they are always epic. I dream in color and there are lots of emotions.  It’s like watching a movie. 

But sometimes my dreams scare the crap out of me.  They are so very real that I still feel whatever emotion I had upon waking the rest of the day.

Once, in the wee hours of being married to Lance, I dreamed we were in the Caribbean and were on one of those party sailboats.  Lance kept ignoring me and went to dance with some hoochy momma in a bikini.  And I cried.  I cried in my dream and in real life.  Lance, who was still watching me sleep with adoring stares back then, says that he watched my sleeping face turn into ugly crying face and woke me up.  And I was mad at him the rest of the day.

Last night’s dream wasn’t so bad.  I dreamed I was visiting North Carolina and seeing everyone I missed.  I dreamed about how their homes had changed, what cars they might be driving now and about what their kids looked like.  I dreamed vividly about visiting my friend Casey and holding her newly adopted girl, Zoe.  And in my dream I fell in love with Zoe.  In my dream she was so tiny it was like holding a Barbie doll.  In my dream I was a fantastic seamstress and I made a little doll with perfect yarn hair.  Actually, a large portion of the dream was about how to make perfect yarn hair.  It was a good dream.

But mostly, my dreams are nightmares.  Someone I love dies, someone is in a car accident, something tragic happens.  I think this is because my bizarre mind is preparing me for the absolute worst.

Once, I dreamed that my oldest daughter Emma was standing over my bed with a knife and was demon possessed and was trying to kill me. 

Once, I dreamed that the house was on fire and Lance and my two kids were unconscious and I only had time to save one.  The scenario kept changing because I didn’t know who I should save.

Once I dreamed that a man broke into my house and killed Lance and me but left the girls alive but they were babies at the time and didn’t know how to use a phone to call for help.  They sat around with our dead bodies until someone knocked on the door.

It’s terrible.  I’m freaking you out right now, aren’t I?  I’d much rather dream of flying or living in the ocean or winning the lottery.  Normal dream stuff.  I’ve never had those OMG-I’m-nekkid-as-a-jaybird-and-everyone-is-looking-at-me.  Nope,  my dreams are getting phone calls from the State Patrol saying Lance has been in a car accident and now I’ve got to be a single parent.

The weird thing is, I am not a “worrier”.  I don’t sit around, biting my nails and sweating bullets thinking of bad stuff.  I’m actually pretty stable.  (Shut up, yes I am.)

So my question is, what are some of the worst dreams you’ve had?


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  1. Posted by Jaime Williamson on February 5, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    I don’t dream too many bad dreams (who has time to get into dreamland when my kids STILL wake up several times a night)? But recently I dreamed that Matt was being murdered and I was seeing it play out. I woke up before it happened, but I still FELT awful and extremely sad when I woke up and I wanted to hold on to him all day!


  2. You are stable in life because you have WHACKED OUT SCARY DREAMS! I do not envy you (though I am highly unstable in real life), and I HATE my two recurring dreams:

    My first one is about needed to pee (usually I actually DO need to go pee) and I wander around, looking for a bathroom, only for it to be:
    -out in the middle of public
    -covered in someone’s poo
    -or I keep getting interrupted, by a person, or a fire…

    So I never get to go! But, I think that’s a good thing, as if i am ever successful, I fear I will wake up having peed the bed.

    The other one, is this:

    I wake up to find that I am late for school, college or HS, it interchanges. I get to school and realize I have a ton of classes I have never heard of. I wander the halls looking for my locker, only to find it and not know the combination. Then I FINALLY get the combo, get my books and frantically look for my class as the late bell rings. I get in my seat, and it’s always like a Western Civ or a Geography class (which I suck at anyway) and there is some big project going on, or a test, that I am not prepared for, and the teacher comes up to me, telling me we are half-way through the semester and I am FAILING the class!

    I have those dreams ALL the time. And yeah, if Josh has any escapades in my dreams, I am mad at him all day as well! 😉


  3. I have never once met anyone who had the kind of “real” dreams I have…I have those kind of dreams too, where I wake up and feel the way I did in my dream all day, and get mad at my husband when, in my dream, he is wanting a divorce, or I can’t find him. I don’t have nightmares very often, but when I first got married, I constantly had dreams about him not coming home or wanting a divorce or cheating. The dreams were so real, but not realistic. Most of my dreams, however, are of me trying to find things or me being unprepared or unable to get somewhere I need to be. Once in a while I have dreams that my mom is unfair and I am screaming at her (flashback to age 14). I remember every detail. My husband thinks its crazy, so I’m glad to hear others are having this as well.


  4. I dreamed one night soon after Matthew and I married that he was driving crazy and ran over my little brother! It was absolutely terrible. When I woke up I was sick at my stomach for the rest of the day.


  5. Yep. I had those God-he’s-cheating-on-me-with-that-be-atch” dreams when I was first married too. I would wake up crying and then be mad at him all day. Maybe it is hormones or something. These days I do dream of someone dying a lot (must be from aging and actually starting to lose some of those we love). Or, from watching too many CSI’s. I say, take a little Benydrl with a Miller Light and you will sleep thru just fine. Works for me. …. *wink*


  6. I have many. Several are reoccuring dreams that I’ve had since childhood…. And I hate to say it, but at the moment I can’t remember most of what they are about.

    One, though, was like the bible story where the guy gets put into the lion pit. My brain just isn’t working now so I can’t tell you his name, but I was him. Somehow I made it out…

    The most recent horrible dream was a new one… I was crying in my dream and I woke up crying too. Joe and I had been fighting that night. Well in my dream we were too. He told me he hated me and I threw a table at him.

    I woke up and he was asleep on the couch. I told him about it and he said I was silly. He loves me too much to hate me.

    True Story.

    Mine are always chased dreams. I’m always hiding or running from something. Freud has stuff to say about that… But whatev.


  7. my worst dreams involve warm fuzzies.


  8. My worst dream is the same one…riding with my Mom & Dad in another (Lord help me) road trip. I have to pee like there’s no tomorrow but Dad doesn’t want to stop just yet. For hours we drive on and on and on. Then, just when my kidneys are backing up and I’m about to fall into a backed up urine induced coma, he finds this bo-dunk gas station…where they can’t find the darned bathroom key (if this joint is so bo-dunk, WHY do they feel compelled to lock the dadgumed door?) so when they FINALLY find the key, Mom takes me into this RANKY, DISGUSTING STINKY little toilet stall that is SO VILE you don’t want to get near it..but I have to pee. Of course there are no seat liners so Mom tries to line it with pieces of toilet paper. Puts one down, another falls into the toilet or onto the floor. Finally, Finally, she lifts me up, puts me gently on the seat (so not to disturbe the pieces of toilet paper) and just when I can finally, finally, thank you Lord, didn’t think I’d make it, pee… I wake up and have started to wet the bed! Shriek! Jump up, run to the bathroom (hard to do with your legs crossed) sit on the john, sighing with relief…and nothing happens ‘cos it was all only a dream!

    The other scary/reoccuring dream where they take away my Charge cards is nto nearly as scary as the road trip-gotta go pee dream.


  9. Posted by Joel on February 11, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    I don’t have reacuring nightmares, but have have a reaccuring theme. It’s always me being chased down by overwhelming odds. The problem is I’m always handicaped in some way. The last one was being chased by zombies and I couldn’t walk. I had to crawl to save myself. I woke up when one of them caught me.


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