What to write

There are some days when I sit down at my computer, brimming with blog ideas and I must quell the urge to write and write and write.

Then there are the days when I look at my blog, knowing I must fill the void by typing something.  The Pressure, all those eyeballs waiting for me to write something, preferably something funny and witty and memorable.  And I have nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  Zilch.  Niente.  Nein.  Zero. 

Today is one of those days. 

I blame this

It’s so dreary outside.  And there’s so much to do inside.  And I’m not wearing my new underwear.  And I have nothing new to read.  And my kids are sick with strep.  Again.  And I really want to buy this book, but feel that would be extravagant.  Also, I have a new boil on my forehead.  Oh, and I think this month the PMS fog that usually lasts just a few days has now squatted into the rest of my month.


Sorry, eyeballs, I can’t entertain you today.


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  1. Boo, I hate those days!


  2. BUT…

    You have a pink fridge!



  3. you are hilarious and authentic and i was trying to get you to 1000 comments, but it told me that i was “trying to comment to fast” then i was scolded by a blog as it said, “slow down.” So, just wanted to know if i was the lucky 1000th comment. That would be such an honor, like winning Ms. American or maybe even better.


  4. Did (haha) you(hahahahaha) say (hahahahah)…….A new boil on your forehead?????
    Now THAT is hilarious blog material, my friend.
    And, if you included a close up picture, it would rate as my best blog read today!
    I say…take what life hands you on a silver platter (in your case, on your face) and USE it. ha
    I will wait for tomorrow’s graphic description of your boil with anticipation.
    hahahahahahaaaaaaa. LOL


  5. soooooo you have a GREAT CAPABILITY—life is not always enjoyable or fun:) your look at things can make the things that just aren’t so funny…HILLARIOUS!!!


  6. Posted by Sean on February 3, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    You had me entertained at “new underwear”.


  7. My eyeballs really need your entertaining self. At least you entertained me with a comment…and yes, those crutches are rockin my world. Isn’t my husband crafty?


  8. Ah, Kears, who are these people who like your new underwear and boil? Are they, like. safe to be writing to? Do you know their parents or anything? You DO lock your door at night, right?


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