New Jeans

I am giddy with joy as I sit here today, writing to all you wonderful people who read these words.

See, here’s what happened.  We made plans to go on a road trip this weekend to visit some friends we haven’t seen in over a year.  I, as a girl with a big fat girly mind, immediately thought:  oh no!  I haven’t lost 90 pounds!  My hair still looks like a frizz ball!  And I haven’t bought anything new to wear except for new underwear in a year!  I must shop!

So, today during lunch, I went to the only store in town that caters to folks like me.  Cato’s. 

Cato’s is a clothing store that has funky, cool, in style clothes (I assume) and excellent clearance racks.  And, they have jeans to fit Fatty McFattingtons.  And not only that, Short Fatty McFattingtons.  Because despite what the world’s clothing designers think, it is possible to not only be a little on the wider side, but be shorter than the average 5’10” model walking the runway.  For real.  Anyone else out there feel me on that?  Moving on.

So, I had less than an hour to hunt down a great pair of jeans that would instantly transform me from frumpy mom to smokin hot mama.  I found them.  And they were reasonably priced.  And they look great.  And I bought them.  And actually for half a minute thought about wearing them out of the store (because I’m kind of a dork, too).  Not only that, I found a great shirt that doesn’t enhance the girls and make them the showcase of my outfit.

(Editor’s note:  Erm.  The Girls is a more polite and tactful way of referring to boobies.  Just sayin.)

So, I sought, I bought and I drove back to work and immediately hopped on my computer to let you all in on my great finds, because I am a slave to your enjoyment, obviously. 

Now…what to do about my hair as I haven’t had a haircut since this post…that’s the next battle.

Yo, Cato, big ups for rockin the hizzouse and not making my hizzips look so hizzuge. I heart you.


20 responses to this post.

  1. With your new undies, hotizzle jeans and “rockstar” hair you be rockin’ the scene fo shizzle yo dizzle, er, whatever…

    Nothing feels as sweet as a great pair of jeans bought in record time for a great price. What a day!!!


  2. Are they by chance Apple Bottoms? *sings song*

    Anyways. I’m sure your ass looks hot!


  3. i’m sure you look h.o.t.

    but dude. what’s wrong with walking out in them? i walked out of victoria’s secret with my new br… item.


  4. yay sounds like a shop called roadkill that i like


  5. Posted by Mom on January 9, 2009 at 1:27 am

    Wif yer new ta-ta togs & yer denim duds you be stylin’ so hot you be too kool for dis fool! Now you be a smokin mamma! Go girl!


  6. So, I like this post. I am a fan of new jeans, new panties, and new bras (or, uhhh, items) any day. But I’m really commenting so I can be entered into WendiWinn’s giveaway. Two giveaways in one week I’m entering. Believe it.


  7. Posted by Celeste on January 9, 2009 at 4:07 am

    Cato’s is a great store..haven’t been to one in years (it closed here in town)…and finding jeans that actually ‘work’ – that’s an accomplishment! congrats.


  8. Posted by Aunt Melissa on January 9, 2009 at 4:32 am

    let’s not be bragging about “those girls” now….. ha ha.


  9. I am with you, and personally, I hate shopping for clothes. I’m from a small rural area originallly so I could never find decent clothes that fit me right. Not only am I sort of on the heavy side, but I’m also not particularly gifted in the “girls” department so I feel like stuff hangs on me funny. Because all plus sized girls have big boobs, of course…

    So kudos on finding just what you’re looking for. I know when I find something that I think makes me look good it’s like hitting the jackpot. 🙂


  10. I rarely ever buy name brand. I’m a Walmart/Target kind of girl. But when I lost a tiny bit of weight after having my youngest, I needed new jeans. And my husband let me buy Tommy Hilfiger jeans (that were on sale a good bit) and I’m in love with them. I had a pair when I was 19 and they fit so good. It’s like they’re cut just for me! If I could find a more inexpensive brand that fit like that I’d be in heaven.


  11. Finding awesome fitting pants is a noble goal…. I’ve often gone on that quest and come back empty handed. Finding them for cheap… that’s a whole nother tale. Congrats!


  12. Wow, that perfect pair of jeans is almost impossible to find. Especially on a tight schedule! Congrats!


  13. why. why don’t we have a cato’s? my butt needs all the attention yours is getting from your flashy new jeans. help. help me.


  14. Posted by dorothy l on January 10, 2009 at 12:53 am

    never heard of the store but it sounds wonderful


  15. Posted by Carrie Mace on January 12, 2009 at 1:17 am

    dude, winn blackmailed me into making a comment, which I rarely do although I love your blog 🙂


  16. I love this. It is so funny and true. Always looking for the right pair of jeans. yay for Cato.


  17. Need the name of that store. Need pants for a wider butt, shorter than 5-10 and something to keep the girls in check.


  18. Since my other comment got eaten…

    Just notice Cato in the tags. We have one of those but I’ve never really looked around. Will have to now!


  19. ha! last time i bought a pair of jeans i had to cut 5″ off the bottom. (i’m only 5′)


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