Simple pleasures

It’s Monday.  It’s cold and dreary outside.  It’s chaotic and frenzied inside. 

Yet, I am oblivious to all the negative elements.  Why, you ask? Come closer, inquisitive friend, and I shall whisper the answer in your ear, er- eye.

*whispers* New underwear.

Yes, I am happy today because I am wearing brand new, never been worn before, fresh from the dryer underwear.  Tagless.  Comfortable.  Stretchy. 

See, I am one of those moms that buy junk for everyone else, and finally, when my underwear are so shredded from years of use that the elastic waistband has begun to fray and gets tangled in the washing machine, I finally buy myself some new underwear.

I’m not sure how all women work, but I have two stacks of undies in my undies drawer.  I’m also not sure how to rate these two piles, but they are something like “rainy day underwear” and erm, “not rainy day underwear”. 

Actually, they’re better described as “look like total crap” and “look little better than total crap”. 

So anyways, there may be mounds and mounds of files that need to be worked on, and my home may look like a hurricane swept through, but as I sit here in my new undies, I am ok.

Also, I’d like to give a nod to my buddy Kim, who is doing her first giveaway featuring her friend Avalee’s Scrabble necklaces.  Comment to her that you’d like this awesome adornment and she might pick you.  I am secretly hoping the random number generator picks me, though and since she likes me a loh, don’t be jealous when you see me wearing my new Bliss bling.


7 responses to this post.

  1. i like new underwear. for me. and you. for everyone. because. no one wants to smell like hiney.


  2. Are they the same undies in your New Year goal pic? Comfy, but low enough to show your new tats?

    Now that you have THREE entries in the giveaway, I am sure the RNG will be much nicer to you. MAYBE the fact that I like you a loh too might help, but, there is no guarantee…


  3. I love you even more now. I have those stacks in my drawer too. I, too, feel that all is right in the world when I have new panties on. Or a kick-butt bra.


  4. Posted by Mom on January 9, 2009 at 1:53 am

    Hummmm, don’t think I’ve ever owned a kick-butt bra…I have, however, owned a pair of panties that kicked my butt…finally had to get rid of them as they were wayyyyy too painful to wear.


  5. I’m so happy I went to read windi’s blog today and found yours. I have tear streaming down my face!! How I can so relate to a new pair of undies!!

    I actually feel like a Victoria Secret Model when there new (notice I said feel like not look like)!!


  6. I thought I was the only one who had, errrr, piles in my undie drawer. No, not those kind of piles, but categorized stacks of undies, one pile ‘ok’ and the other ‘a tad worse than ok’. You have motivated me to go get new chonies!! But what will I do with all the time I save not having to unwrap all the laundry from the elastic that goes insane in the dryer?!

    Thanks – you just may be a new BFF!!


  7. Reading your post put a smile on my face. I am glad I am not the only one that is last on the list to purchase stuff for yourself. I will due without for my family to have the best.


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