Friday meme

Just for kicks, I thought I’d find a good meme to do today.  I don’t like heavy thinking on Fridays, it’s too delicious of a day to waste on philosophy or drama.  I did a search on memes and found this website called Friday Fun which offers different memes for bloggers.  What a cool idea!

So here’s today’s offering:

1. What different blog formats have you used (i.e. Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress, your own HTML, etc.)? Which did you like the best?

Currently, I’m using WordPress, as you can see.  But Lance is going to totally hook me up with my own dot com one of these days.  I’m not sure why I think that dot com is all important, but once it’s mine- watch out world.
2. How did you get into blogging? How long have you had a blog?

I had written a blog about my first time mowing the lawn and posted it to my myspace.  A friend of mine commented and said that I was wasting my talents on myspace, that I needed a real blog.  It was that particular comment that got me thinking maybe I could do this.  Besides, who isn’t blogging nowadays?  As of today I’ve been blogging on WordPress for four months. 
3. Why do you blog?

Hmm, why do I blog?  What a good question…I suppose I blog because I’m full of mental commentary about life.  I love culture, I love humor and I love people.  Why not combine all three?  Even more fun is seeing how certain things make people laugh, what riles them up, what makes them emote.  Totally fun.
4. Do you have theme blog (i.e. crafting, cooking, deployment, pregnancy, etc.) or is it all in one?

I am a whatever-I-dadgum-feel-like-blogging-about blog.  I do a little of this, a little of that, I like to keep it eclectic.  I wasn’t going to blog at all about crafts, but after a couple of months I figured what the heck, it’s part of the collage in my mind.  Maybe a couple of folks out there will like that.  I watch a lot of movies, so sometimes I do movie reviews.  What I find people really seem to respond to is the random, pulled-from-my-elbow kind of stuff like how my car is dirty, or the first time I was around a real cow.
5. Do you let it all hang out on your blog, or do you keep it light?

I’m not a ranter, but I do like the occasional blog about my innermost thoughts on a certain subject.  I will most likely keep it light, but will still be honest.  I do like the occasional exaggeration, just for entertainment.  One of my personal favorites is about losing at Candyland.
6. What is your favorite thing about your blog? What has it given you?

I’d have to say this has given me much needed experience, a creative release and ultimately, a whole new community of other folks who feel the need to type their words, too.  I love how completely diverse we are, how we all look at issues differently, how we each attack the world.


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