100 Facts About Me (#4)

Here are some more random things that float to the surface in my mind. 

31.  I failed my driving test twice.  Once because the car I was using had a broken tail light that no one knew about.  The second was because a truck with a really long bed pulled out in front of me and the lady who was in the car with me was looking down writing DMVish things and only looked up when I had to slam on my brakes.  She thought I was driving reckless.

32.  The 3rd time I took my driving test, it was in a blizzard.  No lie, ginormous snow flakes covered every surface available, including speed limit signs.  I passed with flying colors. The only points that were taken off was when I tried to parallel park and I couldn’t see the buoys because of the snow. 

33.  I laugh at people who cannot drive in the snow.  I am a little mean that way.

34.  I sometimes feel lonely in a crowd.  I feel very much the proverbial square peg.  I had hoped I would grow out of this, but alas, I am 32 and still feel this way.

35.  I abhor lying.  It is for this reason that I felt really bad last night when Emma, my oldest, cried herself to sleep because the Tooth Fairy took her tooth away and she really wanted to keep it.  I had an inner battle over whether or not I should spill the beans and tell her that it was safely tucked away in my jewelry box.  Now I’m trying to think of a plan where we find the tooth in a crack by the door or in an envelop left by the Tooth Fairy.  Sigh, the things we do for our kids.

36.  Despite what Martha Stewart says, I dry my towels with fabric softener.  I would rather them be soft and fragrant than crispy and absorbant.

37.  I love to try new foods at restaurants, but inevitably I will wish that I had stuck with what I know I like.

38.  I have only a few real memories of my father.  I can remember making waffles with him, because that was his thing.  He took me to see Ghostbusters in the movie theater.  I can remember his laugh, a little, but when he called me when I was pregnant with my oldest, I couldn’t place his voice in my head and the conversation was so surreal.

39.  I am not a drinker, and never had been because I was always surrounded by alcholism.  It is very ugly.  I tried a screwdriver at my friend’s house in the 9th grade, I drank a wine cooler in the 10th grade and had tastes of wine when I stayed with my aunt for the summer.  But I have had no real desire to drink. 

40.  I never know how to answer what my favorite foods are.  Take ice cream, for example.  I would say butter pecan is my favorite, but I rarely get it.  I just don’t think I am a “favorite” kind of gal.  I am more of a “whatever I’m in the mood for”.


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