Indiana Jones, my hero

Can you believe that Harrison Ford is 65 years old?  Craziness!  Wasn’t he just playing Han Solo and making wise cracks about the Force?  When I heard that a new Indiana Jones movie would be coming out, I rented all three of the Indiana Jones movies and watched them, secretly wishing that was me, brandishing a whip, hunting for treasures.  I love movies and shows about that. One of my secret pleasures was watching that show Relic Hunter on UPN, a low budget series starring Tia Carrere as an archiologist who goes around the world hunting for artifacts and almost every episode was filled with some sort of thrilling fight and struggle to return the artifact to its rightful place. 

My childhood dream was to be an archeologist.  I’m sure half of the kids out here wish the same thing.  After awhile that dream morphed into being a scientist.  I had it all mapped out.  I was going to be a scientist and live in Japan and my house would be a pagoda and I would drive a Rolls Royce.  I never had aspirations to be married, or have a family, but if I did get married, it would be when I was 28.  I carried that dream all the way into high school.

It turns out I kind of suck at science.  No really, I barely scraped by in Chemistry with a C and then had the crazy idea to take an AP Biology class.  At the end of the year, the teacher actually told me that he passed me because he liked me.  Then I took Physics my senior year.  We had a year end project where we had to build a microscope with these little magnifing glasses and we had to position them using crazy math formulas.  I actually graduated from high school on a Saturday and had to come back to class on Monday and finish that stupid project.  I am not making that up. 

Me and the science just didn’t click.  And it turns out, I don’t like to get dirty or be in hot places where lots of dust flies in your face or perform surgery on dirt.  But I love to watch it.  To read books about it.  To read headlines where they just found evidence of dinosaurs in the bizarre parts of the world.  Fascinating.  I’m just not a Harrison Ford or a Lara Croft or even a Tia Carrere. 

What were your childhood dreams?


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  1. Posted by Christina on May 24, 2008 at 7:15 am

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indy films!!! Brett and I were just talking about that the other day. How Indy inspired us for a while to be archeologists, or journalists working for National Geographic, traveling around the world, experiencing diverse cultures, having insane adventures! Alas, once we realized how hard it was to become any of those things, we both “settled” for something we thought would be easier for us. Me: Missionary Him: Occupational Therapist But look.. Here we are, I am a stay-at-home mom with an AA, while he is an intel junkie (nerd) for the Air Force. NOT where WE thought we would be.. haha Funny thing is… THIS is exactly perfect for us!!! and we can’t imagine being happier at anything else! (God DOES work in mysterious ways, eh?)


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